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10th November 2015 - 19:58 | London UK, NW London | Age 31

Black Male 31 (light skin) 6ft0 95kgs Solid Stocky Strong Body Big Size 12 Feet
Big Strong Powerful Legs, Decent Chest & Shoulders, Strong Hands, Great Grip...
I'm looking to dominate, humiliate, manipulate, discipline & own a Bigger Taller Male.
I expect 100% Obedience, Passiveness, Willingness, Commitment from you at all times.
My preference is for White British Guys. I find it impossible to find one that wants to meet.
I Welcome: Arab, Israeli, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Turkish, Light Skin Pakistani men.


You're in bed face down in the pillow, arms by your side "sleeping". Completely flat-on-your-face (nose, mouth, forehead).
You will remain flat-on-your-face all the time. The pillows will be arranged so you can stay facing down very comfortably.
The soles of your feet are exposed. I become full aroused as you have Big Smelly Cheesy Feet with Rough Hard Dry Soles.
I become aroused as I have a foot fetish. I try to wake you by slowly tickling your soles. You are expected to remain still...
(If my fetish is satisfied, we could also play "Lick My Rifle" "Pole Polishing" "Only Choking", then back to flat-on-your-face)
After 20-30 minutes I can't wake you up. I decide to teach you a lesson. I will make your face a permanent part of the pillow.
I'll get on top of you. I straddle & dry hump you. I will lift your face off the pillow. I will press your face flat down in the pillow.
There will be a space/gap in the pillows for your face/head. You will be faced flat down. You will have no problem breathing.
I tell you to try and press up to get me off your back. You try but in a rage, I just bury you completely faced flat-on-your-face.
I'll lift your face off the pillow & I ask, "Do you want me to face you flat-on-your-face?" you say "No" I face your back down.
I grab your head again. I ask, " Do you want me to fuck you up?", you respond "No" I face you down flat but much harder.
I grab your head again. I ask, "Bitch! Do you think you can fuck with me?" you will shout "NOOO!!!" I get really pissed off.
As punishment for shouting will press your face flat down in the pillow so hard that you will panic & go completely bright red.
I will then ask you (with your face flat in the pillow). "Do I fucking own you, you fucking bitch?" You will respond, "Yes boss"
I will flatten your face in the pillow even more. I will lay on top of you with all my weight on top of you. I now own you bitch.
You will feel weak, less of a man & No matter how hard you try to get up I will still face you back down (flat-on-your-face)

If you are interested and want a response get back to me with:

1. AGE (preferably 25-45), HEIGHT (prefer 6ft3+), SHOE SIZE (11/12+), WEIGHT (Prefer 100kg+)
(Big/Heavy/Stocky/Chunky/Thick/Fat/Beefy/Rugby/Overweight preferably 100kg+ (No weight limits)
2. I want photo(s) of you face down on your bed, face in the pillow, arms by your side, feet exposed...
(I don't need to see your face. I want to see you face down in your bed and the soles of your feet).
I wont reply without photos, It's 2015 no excuses. If I respond, I expect them in your next message.

No Timewasters, No Liars, No Games, No Feminine/Camp, No Visitors, No Men Outside of London

I can only accommodate sometimes. If you can't, at times we will need to split a private discreet hotel room.

Key Words: face down, facedown, flat on your face, faced flat on your face, planking, spread eagle,
bitch, weak, dominant, dominate, humiliate, slave, master, tickle, tickling, sleep, sleeping, wrestle,
wrestling, pinned down, fight, fighter, fighting, up, down, top, bottom. Power, powerful, strong
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