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Female into risky sex.... my next adventure

25th March 2016 - 20:20 | London UK, london

Answered an ad last week.
'Female company wanted £££" on another site.
He was 72 and we emailed a few times again before arranging for me to go and see him.

He wanted he said some light massage/lunch/company.... but his emails were quite flirty and i thought why not.

When i arrived i asked if i could take a quick shower as a baby had thrown up on the tube and the smell of sick had worked its way into my hair and clothes.

Of course he said and showed me to the bathroom.
I waited a couple of minutes and it became obvious he was just going to stand there and watch me lol.

I started to strip off and he did just standing watching was quite unnerving to be honest.

I got in and started to wash myself...
he opened the shower door and grabbed the body wash putting some on his hand he proceeded to start washing my back

Il join you he said if thats alright not giving me a chance to say no.

He stripped off and was behind me, his hands left my back quite quickly...they went straight to my tits and went from washing to playing.
I could feel his cock pressing into me as well.
He pushed me to the wall, still behind me and soaped between my legs...fingering me and then went to my bum...put loads of soap on his hands and then started to really push his fingers into me.
I reached round to grab his cock, but he just pushed it away and kept fingering my bum.

We got out and i made a joke about lunch, he didn't smile or even acknowledge it.
Il give you a massage he said.
I went to his bedroom and he told me to lay down.
He massaged my back while i made small talk with myself as he didn't answer anything.
I looked over at his bedside cabinet and saw a condom and lube..
I got a bit exited to be honest.
He used his knees to open my legs as he went from my back to my legs
He didn't stay there long, which was a shame as it was lovely.
I felt the cheeks of my bum being parted and my hole being fingered again.
He did this for about 10 minutes pushing deeper and deeper into me.
He got up and said
Im going to fuck you...... i just layed there.
I was sooooo turned on.

I felt his cock go into my bum
He was whispering to himself which again was a bit unnerving but i was past caring by then.
He lifted me up a bit so he could grab my tits and pushed deep into me. want my cock...say it...up your arse.... he was whispering still but i could hear him quite clearly.
I played along...but again he didn't really seem to notice.

He pulled out and shot his load all over my hole rubbing it in with his fingers.
He got up got dressed offered me another shower which i said yes to but he didn't join me this time lol.

How much do i owe you he said....
I looked at him and said, i don't know lol.

Well you were meant to come for lunch...he gave me some cash and i put it in my purse.

He showed me the door.
Il see you again he said shutting the door behind me.

Writing that has made me horny lol.
Im not looking for guys to get back offering me sex here......
I choose the sex i want.

I just love reliving and sharing true stories.

A fantastic hour, i couldn't of enjoyed myself more.
Strummed off to it 5 times now.
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