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Female into risky sex....

26th May 2016 - 18:53 | London UK, a grotty bedsit

Well after nearly 3 very quiet weeks of very safe sex, i had two adventures in as many days.
The oldest guy i have spoken to for ages turned out to be very genuine.
He was in his 80s but very masculine and very naughty with an absolute spanking fetish.
Found him on CL and we had been chatting for a couple of weeks.
I didnt think he was genuine and im sure he didnt think i was lol.

I turned up late afternoon at his old peoples home address thinking this is a wind up lol.

It wasnt....
He invited me in and immediately told me to strip
I love a guy that takes control.
I stripped slowly taking my time and watching him do the same.
His cock was semi rigid already and he was looking me up and down.
He turned me round and grabbed my chubby arse, he started to push his finger between my cheeks.
Naughty girl he said, yes sir i answered, getting wet staright away.
He held out my hand got out his paddle and started to hit
whack whack whack
He grabbed my hair and told me i was late and i was going to fucking get it now.
Yes sir i said.
He turned his camera on and bent me over the end of his bed.
Fucking crack...shit that hurt i said
He laughed and said thats why your here isnt it.
For every whack you pussy out of, you can suck my cock he said.
CRACK..harder...CRACK....enough i said tears forming in my eyes.
He pushed his cock into my face, i opened for him and he started to push it into my mouth.
He face fucked me for a couple of minutes.
Back over his bed.
CRACK...CRACK...CRACK... i cant take this i said.
Another forfeit he asked me
Yes i agreed, this time he turned around and stuck his arse in my face.
Lick he said.
Tell you, its times like this i fucking hate myself lol.
A couple minutes of licking his arse and back bent over his bed.
Please not so hard i asked him.
He just laughed.
I dont mind it but i dont want to be marked.
You already are he said.
Whack Crack Whack Crack... a different place every time and some hitting my thighs.
I started to cry for real.
He stopped got some cream and started to rub it into my skin
Immediate relief.....Thank you sir i said.
He lent over me and i felt his cock pressing into my pussy.
Your wet girl he said.
Yes sir i said.
Do you want me to.
Yes sir i said.

I felt him push into me and it was fucking heaven.
Lay on your back he tole me.
I looked up and saw an 80 year old who had just beaten and used me (as asked for by myself lol)
sucking on my nipples and then pushing his tongue into my mouth kissing me deeply
Then i felt his cock going into me again.
I felt him shoot straight away and i didnt even get the chance to cum.

Sorry girl he said... next time you can, maybe.
I got up looked in the mirror and fuck, i was really marked...
Owned by a sadisic selfish old man who made my afternoon.
Seeing him again next week.....

Not going to write the other one now, but he was a lunatic lol what else do you get on that site
who hated his cheating ex girl friend and wanted to make her pay for fucking around on him.
Thats the part i played not knowing till half way through....

First time i have ever been slightly nervous (shitting myself lol)

Have fun people....
My husband still hasnt seen my arse by the way and the bruises are still there lol.
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