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Female into risky sex

13th June 2016 - 19:57 | London UK, somewhere sleazy

First off.....had a few replies asking why i take down pictures....i don't
Ozadz has a picture policy

The ad i placed was well received and i could of seen thirty older guys.... but i picked two and the first i already posted about.
The second..............................

Again he was around 60
When i got there, i was unsure as it was a very run down part of london.

In for a penny---and i told my self thats why i put the ad on !

He was quite scary and the emails we had exchanged were on the harder play side of things.
He wanted me dressed and told me to change in his bathroom.

As i was changing into my uniform, my heart was thumping.
I left the room and he called me into his bedroom.

He was naked and wanking and he told me to get in different poses so he could take pictures of me.

Whilst he was taking them he was telling me the game he wanted to play...
I was to be "nina" his girlfriend, he had just found out was cheating on him !
He was going to teach me a lesson i wouldn't forget.
When i looked around his room, he had a few pictures of other girls dressed like i was and in the same type of poses.
I asked him about them and he told me they were slags who had cheated on him...
ooooooooo>>>>>>>>> nervous lol.

Who was he...he said, inches from my face
Er Paul i said not really sure what i was meant to say.

You fucking slag he shouted and pushed me to my knees
You want cock, have mine.
I opened my mouth to take him.
No, fight me he said.
Play it right he demanded.

I got into it and told him to get off me, how big paul was and how i fucked and sucked him.

You cunt slag he called me again and was wiping his cock around my face...this time my lips stayed clamped shut and he pulled me up and pushed me face down onto his bed.
Mouth cunt or arse he said and i felt a crack on my arse and my skirt being pulled up and my knickers being yanked down.

He slapped my bum again and again calling me every name he could think of.
Im sorry i said.
Your gonna be he sneered.

He pulled me off the bed, knickers round my ankles and banged his cock into my mouth.
Suck he shouted..
I was incredibly turned on, knowing this game could turn if i wanted to make it.
The harder i sucked the deeper he pushed.
Every push accompanied by a whore/slut/slag

He pulled me up again pushed me onto his bed
Laying on top of me, he pulled up my top and started to bite my nipples.
Ropes already attached to his headboard were attached to my wrists and ankles
The threat of something nasty going to happen if i struggled to hard.
Naked and vulnerable
legs open and wet

He pulled out some nipple pumps and roughly attached them to my tits..
The feeling of my nips being pulled on was amazing
He pushed my head down and told me to kiss him
NO i pleaded and begged to be let go...
This drove him wild and as agreed he didn't.
Grabbing my nose and licking my lips i felt him start to enter my pussy.
Kiss Kiss he demanded and i started to open my mouth to say no again
He was to quick and started to bury his tongue into my mouth.
Every time he pushed his cock into me, he called me a name and pulled on those pumps.

I was insane with excitement
Dont cum inside me please i said...knowing he was going to.
He pulled both pumps off and squirted oil all over my chest
The feeling was amazing
I came and came really hard
He grabbed my arse cheeks and pushed really deep into me and exploded.

He untied me and we had a nice chat after....


However life without risk is life without true reward, and the way i cum when i play these games is becoming so addictive.

Have fun friends and be safe.

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