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Mother and daughter

27th February 2011 - 11:12 | London UK, UK |

A few years ago I was having an affair with a very (genuine - not psuedo) middle class, very desirable, middle aged married lady. Sex was great - adventurous and passionate. But, for no other reason than sexual greed (you guys know what I mean) - I ended up also having sex with her 17 yo daughter.

Unfortunatley, or as it turned out not so unfortunate, the daughters boyfriend found out about me and his girlfriend. Naturally he was upset, but after a few drinks and a lot of man to man chatting, I managed to convince him that this could all work out ok for us both.

And it did - for a while.

I 'engineered' a situation where the bf had an opportunity to seduce the mother - which he did. So, I continued to see both, as did he, but where neither of the ladies concerned knew of the other. This seemed a far more equitable situation than just reacting emotionally and all of us ending our very enjoyable relationships. I suspect when he weighed up the balance between not having any pussy or perhaps having two...he knew it made

This went on for about 6 months. Me having sex with his gf or her mother, whilst mutually elsewhere at the same time he had sex with the other - each the excuse for the other, so none of the ladies would ever ask that familiar question "where were you?".

But, sadly it all went wrong - because we the guys became even more greedy. We decided it would be great if we could each have both together. Either MMF or MFF.

We planned the night to coincide with the BF's birthday. The husband as ever was always away on business, so on that night we met up at the family home and us guys gradually got the girls drunk.

What ensued was a fantastic night of spit roasting and DP....but no MFF sadly.

However, the next day, when sober and the true realisation of what had happened hit them, the ladies sent us both no uncertain terms.

We were both gutted...but also both agreed that it was a fantastic expereince...

I never managed to speak to either lady again, but genuinely and sincerely hope they were not affected long term by anything worse than thoughts of a sexual fantasy lived out..
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