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Dogging gone the whole way!

27th February 2011 - 11:59 | Glasgow UK, UK |

This is a true story, and happened about 25 years ago when I was dating a girl in her mid 20's.. She was what I called then a 'nymphomaniac' but these days I hear words like 'dirty' and 'slut' used instead. Maybe it's me, but the former sounded so much nicer.

Anyhow. Our particular pastime was going out to public places and finding willing cocks for my girlfriend. She was simply obsessed by cocks of all sizes, shapes and colours. A true cosmopolitan girl.

We would walk around looking for likely candidates, whether alone or with friends or partners, and then she would make them an offer they often didn't or couldn't decline. I still to this day remember her approaching an older couple (maybe 60's) and asking the lady if she minded if she sucked her husbands cock. They lady was totally shocked - open mouthed shocked...but actually very quickly agreed and was soon in there enjoying it too...

What did I get out of it? Just a huge buzz, the occassional willing lady partner of the man being pleasured, and great sex with my girl friend afterwards.

The particular story I am confessing about happened in the Ashdown forest. For those that know the place, it's simply littered with parking places to meet folk, and has countless paths to walk deep into the forest on.

Having had a few encounters in the parking areas it started getting busier so riskier there, so we decided to go deeper into the forest.

Out there, hidden behind some bushes we stripped and had sex, but were startled by an old fella walking his dog. He just stood there staring, before making some suggestive comment. I'd never seen anyone move so quickly when my girlfriend invited him over.

Once enjoying himself I noticed the old fella's dog was also aroused by the proceedings, as did the old fella. To my shame, we both encouraged and coerced my reluctant girlfriend until she eventually enjoyed the dog too.

Afterwards, we parted that same day and she never spoke to me again.

So, I have no idea what her thoughts were or are. In my defence, she was totally willing once encouraged past her fears...which were mostly due to the very dirty talk of the old fella. He clearly had expereince of such things already.
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