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Bored FlyGirl: Be my f***bitch sextoy! FA for LHR area LAY-over meeting

2nd September 2012 - 17:55 | London UK, Heathrow, West London | Age 40

Flight crew inbound.

You know you're going to be bored and stressed. And time is short on those two-day layovers.

I want to meet a female aircrew member/flight attendant who needs a discreet but intense reaming during a short London layover. Without the rest of the crew knowing anything!


Maybe you're married or attached. That's not important for this plan. In any case, you should be respectable, normal, sane, fun and friendly...just very horny, with some tastes that don't always get satisfied.

No more hopeful pleading or random encounters at the clubs where you have no idea what might result.

You're an intelligent, refined, sophisticated, accomplished woman. So why take a chance on the quality of your male bedtoy?

Here's the deal. I want to use you as my fuckbitch sextoy. Sounds nice, yes! Or maybe it just sounds outrageous. But wait. I want more than that. I want to make you crave being used in this dominant way. Because that shows true mastery.

I don't want to waste your time and mine by pleading for a lay like so many here. I get plenty of action and I want a woman who can deliver. A lustful, fuckbitch sextoy who absolutely loves being fucked, who knows how to use her female essence to pleasure a master, or who really wants to learn. I know that you're almost laughing at this, but not quite, because you can't quite dismiss this...yet. I write too well and I'm much too self-assured to be one of the normal inhabitants of this board. It either means this is a wild fantasy... or it's all real.

So, keep reading, my lovely, wherever you are... maybe you're at the office, in your cube. or at home, your computer on the kitchen countertop before hubby and kids return, or maybe you're sitting in your graduate student apartment perusing these for amusement. I don't blame you, because normally the ads are too pathetic and therefore this is a most amusing pastime. But where you are now doesn't matter to me. What does matter is how you feel. I want you to feel horny. so tightbellyhotwetachinghard horny that you simply cannot stop yourself from responding to me.

The first and only thing that you need to know is that I'm an absolute master of my craft. Which is, fucking women. Sex should be pure art, and a master needs a canvas on which to paint his masterpiece.

Almost every woman realizes I'm one of these rare masters as soon as I touch her... my fingers and tongue are so sensual, sensitive, gentle, yet firm, demanding and knowledgeable. It begins with a caress around the back and under the arms that leads to a complete opening, to your flowering of liust for me. Picture it. My fingers sliding over and under your sensitive breasts, ah, so smooth! So elementally satisfying! Cupping the delectable smoothness, circling your beautful, already-aching nipples, ah yes, hard from the featherlight touch of a true connoisseur. I love to squeeze your boobs in my expert hands before moving on. I want to hear your harsh, lustful gasping and feel your heart pounding with desire, to slide my fingertips down your belly...between your swollen lips, finding the delicious dew! My fingers slowly migrating down your asscrack and...ahhh!!!...shuddering ecstacy, circling your anus so softly, intimately as we embrace, kiss passionately.... full sensual invasion, waves of pleasure washing up your spine now, pure delight. Feel my erection, growing so outrageously hard as I press into your curvy body.

Now you can't take any more. I know. When a woman is horny, really, truly, utterly horny, she will stop at nothing. Some men never see a woman in this state of arousal, but that's their problem. Not mine, or yours. Now, do as I say. Kneel. Ahh! Dress up, over your back, ass back, push it up for me! Panties off, roughly, urgently. Keep those heels on, like a whore! Ohh! I'm as wild with lust as you are. There! Now, I'll spread your cheeks apart and mount you, split you with my large rock hard cock. A doggy style ride is always delicious, yes, but let's put some real art into this. Feel me surge into you, my weight pressing you down... I'll slap your ass, now pull your hair, now I'll force my fingers between your legs and find your stiff clit, so swollen it must be aching. Riding you with such appetite, such satisfaction, feel me drive deep into you, possess you, make you feel all woman. It is at moments like this that time slows down, your being focused on the exquisite sensations of your stuffed pussy and the beautiful radiating waves of ecstacy in your tight belly. But. Don't talk, don't fight it! I'm the master, you're my fucktoy and you're pleasuring me so greatly...I will deliver your orgasmic reward in full.

I want you to feel my cock swelling with lustful appreciation, my balls tightening, then my powerful ejaculation, even through the rubber, strong jets squirting deep where it feels best. Ahh! As I shoot into you, tell me how much you love that feeling! I know you love making men come inside you, and you should.... that's the essence of a woman! But appreciate your master's seed, rich, creamy, delicious. But we're not done yet. I need more. I'll take you, possess you, ream you deep with my large, rocklike hardon. Now I'll enter you face to face, spread for me, as wide as you can, feel my weight on your breasts, my gasping in your ear... wrap your legs around my back, yes, that's it! Ahh! Urge me deeper inside you...filling you. S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g you. Breathless. Delicious. Finger, probing at the sensitive opening of your asshole... ahhh! Yes!! Too much! Explosively orgasmic! C-u-u-u-uuuummmmmmm!! And again!! OOOOhhhhhhAHHHHhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm...mmmmm! Now you're beginning to see what I mean. But we need more, so let's fuck again, our bodies so lubricated by lustful sweat that there's no belly friction any more...just your wetness, my hardness, your gasping, my groans of delight...ahhh!

Now THAT is just the beginning of our adventure. I want to explore your adventurous side, show you and introduce you to some truly divine pleasures that you might not have experienced before. This is the absolute best way for a woman to spend an evening. Why bother with hanging out at the bar, hoping you'll by chance bump into a man as masterful as I, a man who will approach and reveal his desires and expertise, when in social settings we would never reach this point? I'm a kinky, masterful devil with a unique talent for satisfying women, yes, but you won't be able to tell that by looking at me. I'm refined, attractive, sophisticated, considerate, friendly and fun. I'm an engaging conversationalist and good company.

I want a woman, not an uncertain little girl. That means YOU! If you're already wet reading my post, if your nipples are hard with desire, then you already know we're going to get along oh-so-very-well. So, why deny yourself - or me - this delight? Spread for me on your next LAY-over!

Bar first, a casual relaxed chat. You check me out. I do the same. If it's cool, we go. No problems, no hassles. Just fun.

If you like our date, put me in your black book for next time.
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