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Re, re School girl fantasy

10th March 2011 - 11:11 | London UK, London |

This is a hard one. Girls younger than the official age of consent are interested in sex. In this country, you can have legal sex at 16, in Portugal, its 13, in the US, we`d all be on the sex offenders list as peadoes.

When in my 20`s, I rented a flat in a house, the girl next door who I guess was 15 made it very clear she wanted sex. Everyday I would come home and she would be sitting on the wall with a beaming smile making small talk...nothing happened I and didn`t want it to.

Clearly, young girls need protecting, or should I say some young girls need protecting, because they have not reached the right stage of developement. But it does seem that one law has been force fitted to cover all possibilities...and this is offically admitted by the fact that some young men are above the law...or should I say, society does not want the cost of destroying the lives of young men....far easier to attack older men who have no intention of harming a very forward young lady.

I am nearly 50 and in my time I have talked with many older women who have told me about their early sex life, many were 14 and willingly having sex with guys in their 20, and some in their 30`s.

Has society reached the point where 20% of men are peadoes just on the concensual sex marker???? To put this in context, 1 in 3 men (16-45) have a criminal record!!

Society has been forced to accept the premiss that we are all guilty of something and that should the state hold you to account, YOU must prove yourself to be innocent.

Organised peadophilia is rife and it involves the elite. The Dumblane shootings were about an elite peadophile ring involving senior Labour politicans, hence why they hid the documents under the 100 year rule. The Soham muders were likely the same, with Huntly taking the fall. The numbers of missing childern that go missing in the US and EU is staggering...and no one says a word!!

The best peado parties are held in Washington DC...enough said. With cureent trends, there will be no sex before you are NWO decree!!lol
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