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Seeking American college girl in UK

18th September 2012 - 6:43 | London UK, All London/home counties | Age 42

Study abroad student sought for extra-curricular seminar fun!

Ah yes, you know...if you got here from TSR then send me a shout! :)

If not, no problem... are you a foreign student studying in the UK? It's a real blast...academically and personally challenging, demanding, yet rewarding.

Not only that, studying abroad offers great opportunity to indulge, let's say, some more basic desires, without being imprisoned in the web of accountability at home or your local university.

Even better if you are an American! You should know that I don't buy the contemptuous stereotype that Brits have for Americans. I appreciate the vivacity, intelligence, curiosity and open-mindedness of American girls. And of curse, their delightful sexual qualities! You guys are the best!

You also know how to handle these rendezvous with aplomb and maturity...unlike some of those around you. British girls can learn something...a lot, even. But never mind them. And even if you're not American, but you're a non-UK study abroad girl and you appreciate what I say, then I'd like to hear from you. I know that Catalan and Latina girls also like my ideas.

To business. Forget the fumbling and pleading. You know that you need some NSA and private ravishing to satisfy your well-developed sexual appetite and the college boys here, or anywhere, don't cut it. Even better, maybe you've always been curious about hooking up with a professor.

Well, this is a great opportunity for both of us.

So, let's make it a date. I mean a real FUN date. Meet me at the pub, wearing at least a moderately slutty outfit. Heels, garters, belt, push-up bra. Cleavage and legs on view. Great! Now, let's enjoy a civilized conversation. This is a delight too, I always enjoy hearing about your plans and accomplishments. I'll overlook your seductive shape..for now!

Now that we're comfortable and having fun, let's move to step two. Come back with me to my hotel. I will slip your coat off and pop your bra strap, feel your titties. Are they smooth, sleek, ready for sucking? And squeezing? Like that? And now your nipples, are they hard already, yes, nicely erect. Mmm!! Soo tasty!

Yes, you're certainly a pretty slut, cute, submissive, such a lady outside the bedroom. You'll do for my ultimate pleasure. Now, I'll push you by the neck, firmly, bend over the bed. Keep your heels on. Spread your legs apart, wider, like that, I'll pull them into position. Stick your creamy smooth ass up. UP! There. Your pussy is already wet and your lips are swollen, so I'll feel inside...probing with my fingers, finding your sweet spot, it's swollen with desire too, your pussy is so very hot and wet with your lust. And there, keep your face in the pillows. Don't moan too loud! Be quiet girl! A finger in your asshole, urgent, probing, now caressing. Quiet! I'll invade all of your body openings at my pleasure. Remember, your function is to be my slut! As a complete woman, your mission is to do nothing except submit, to please me totally, like a living sex toy.

Now, my erection is extremely big and hard. Bring your hand back, you can feel my equipment, but don't look, feel my warm, smooth, stallion's cock pulsing and throbbing. Legs wide, baby. There! I'll mount you and split you, ohhhhh!!! Sliding deep, to your throat, sudden, hard, exquisite penetration by a well-endowed, very horny and expert man. I know you love that sensation of having your wet hot pussy SPLIT and STUFFED, but you can't make any noise.

I'll clamp my hand over your mouth to stifle your gasps, my other hand gropes and squeezes your swinging tits, pinching your erect nipples, ahhh!! Not yet, you sweet bitch, you can't cum until I tell you. My fingers are working between your legs, stroking your stiff clit, yes, I know it's unbearable but you need demonstrate self-control. Take your other hand, reach between your legs, cup my huge heavy balls. SOFTLY! There! Feel their smooth masculine weight, think about the semen boiling and bubbling inside. Worship my balls with your fingers! Good! That's it, you sexy bitch, squeeze them softly, arouse me, make me lust for you. Not too much!

What's this? Stop moaning! You can't cum yet. No! WAIT! You whore, you're cumming! I feel your pussy clamping rhythmically on my stiff cock, I see those slight shudderings and archings of your back, I know you're trying desperately to hide your orgasm like a bad girl. No! I'll have to slap your ass, like that, stings a little, other cheek, and again! Bad girl! You know you can't cum until I permit it. I slap you again, hear the crack of my hand against your smooth ass cheeks. Wait now, my finger roughly invades your anus and probes your hot, tight ass until you groan softly. You're whimpering with submission now, that's a good girl.

Now, sweetheart, relax, just do as I say and don't resist. And I'll take lovely care of you. Let me stroke your hair, stroke your back, lick your back and kiss you, gently, I'll take you in my arms.

I want you to feel my orgasm. But what are you doing? You dirty slut, grinding your ass cheeks back into me when I'm riding you! WHORE! I'll split your cunt so hard, you'll explode! Shit! Your ass, too much, too smooth, you bitch! I'm CUUUUUMMMMMMINNNNGGGG!!! AHHHHHhhhhh!!! Feel my balls pumping their seed, shooting hot, sticky jets of the magic cream deep inside you, more, again!! AHHHH!! Ohhhh!! I keep shooting and squirting inside you for an impossibly long time, my hot seed deep in its rightful place, my cock pumping so strongly!

Damn! But it wasn't the time, girl. You've gone too far now! You aren't allowed to influence my orgasm in any way. Good sluts do not control their master's ejaculations. It must be opposite. You know you need punishment, I will make you understand that you simply must be a good girl. It's for your own good, I have to blindfold you, gag you and stuff your mouth, ass and pussy full now. Spread your legs wide, like a good girl, and accept your punishment. Remember, you must not cum unless I say so, you cannot moan, or scream... otherwise....!!

You're already hot and wet, just reading this. So, why are you waiting? The professor is waiting to give you the lesson of your life.


Now, you want to know what one of my previous students thinks of the lesson?

Here's a student who responded previously to my will appreciate that she is a very good student in every respect.

[Before we met]

Mmmmm! Wow, reading that made me really turned on! I haven't been fucked in such a long time and reading this only makes the anticipation heighten :)
I've never tried anal before and I don't know how comfortable I am with it, but I can tell you that one of my favorite things to do is to suck cock. I love the taste, the feel of it in my mouth and I love to feel hands in my hair, pulling, grasping and pushing my head down further, making me take it all the way in. I can't think of much else that makes my pussy half as wet as having my face fucked.
That being said, I can relate to her being a little apprehensive. Do you have a particular body type that you prefer?
I also love the thrill of possibly getting caught in public; one of my biggest fantasies is being forced to do things in public by a strong and dominant man. I'm sure with your imagination that you can think of endless possibilities there. Spending an evening, building up the anticipation, and then making our way back to your hotel room where you make me do anything you want to do.
What do you say?



Well, what do you think I said? :]

And then, what do you think we actually did?


"Hi [Prof X]!
GOD I had a fabulous time last night; it was better than I could have imagined. You knew exactly where to touch me and how to touch me to set my body on fire, not to mention you were so eager to please! And touching you was wildly erotic; I haven't had that kind of experience in a really long time.
I got home at 11 this morning, after running a few errands. My legs were so sore from having them wrapped around you practically all night! I tried to stay awake as long as I could so I could fall asleep early tonight, but I fell asleep at about 3:30 and didn't wake up until 9. I was exhausted!
You were so incredibly intoxicating, we have to have a repeat performance as soon as possible :)"



She gave as good as she got. I could hardly walk, either.

Problem is, once you fire the girls up, they just want more, and more...


Hey [Prof X],

so I think that we should figure out how to make some time before you go for another tryst! ......oh yeah, how are you, hope your trip is going well, etc etc etc..........

....and I still think that you absolutely have to fuck me again before you go. I just don't think I can wait until the next time you come before I get to feel you take my pussy, and I don't think that you want to wait either. So let's not wait! See what you can do about that, ok? :)



J. has such a beautiful way with words, I'm sure you'll agree :) Her note is classic, I'll never forget it!

If you're a man, then you know this is about as good as it gets. If you're a woman, then you know, you feel in your bones.... exactly the same thing!

The first point of the account is: nice, accomplished, intelligent young ladies know what they like and are ready to get it. Despite the hypocritical nonsense I receive from ignorant and/or jealous males, most women know this is for real. Yes, women love to be taken and fucked like I describe, without all the BS that seems to be served up with it. Why not? There's no problem. No, it's often males who have attachment issues and can't deal in a mature, civilized way with this idea.

And it's so beautiful when it works as well as this.

The second is: it's game on girls! I know that you young college girls can truly satisfy a demanding, kinky instructor like me, if high quality instruction is provided :) I can certainly do that, in ways that will make you feel ALL WOMAN... every bit as good as J. did. To say the least, the whole scene is so much better than a quick random fumble with the nearest chance guy after a pub night.

And, I want to find a student as enthusiastic as J. above for my next London/England visit.

I prefer American girls like J., because they're sexy, open-minded, confident, feminine and accomplished. Girls like her really satisfy a man. But, American nationality is not a requirement. I've met Japanese, Chinese, Canadian, Colombian and Dutch girls who are just as alluring. If you're curious, open-minded, and you're ready to consider an adventure like this, then let's talk. I want to be able to enjoy an intelligent, interesting conversation with you as well as fuck your brains out. Those criteria should not be exclusive, as I'm sure you'd agree. You want the same satisfying qualities in a man.

So write me first. It's fun to get to know one another before we meet, and even more fun when we do meet. Let's do it soon!

Guys: spare me your BS about how it can't, won't, shouldn't, or worse, horrifyingly, maybe it does happen but only with unattractive, loser girls.... what utter crap, all of it! Your prejudices are a large part of the reason why you aren't as successful as me. It takes serious balls to be as masterful as me and manufacturing classic hypocrisy doesn't cut it. J. - and some of the other girls I've met - are beautiful young ladies.

Girls: I don't want to be mean to those guys, but, they do it to me first. My goodness, you should see the content of my inbox! Separate it into male and female and it's like species from two different worlds are responding.

Female: usually thoughtful, curious, interested, often excited, always serious. Like J. above.

Male: often, ridiculous, abusive, laughable nonsense. Poorly written, contradictory, negative and - mostly - pathetic. And the swing between the initial, oh, it can't happen, and OMG it really does so those girls must be....[fill in the insult]. It reveals a great deal about how those males think of women.

Later, I'll post extracts from some of those, without the names, so that we can all see the outrage. It's most entertaining! But that can wait until I've found my American Beauty in London.

So, study abroad girls...when you respond, remember to let me know when you'll be in town. Let's make my visiting schedule work with yours!

The girl below is an example of the luscious type of student I like...but I am not fixated on your height, or ethnic background. Cute and petite Latina, or tall black Amazon, as long as you're a woman who knows what she likes and you think you can give as good as you get, I want to meet you.
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