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We all know who the real 'Doofus' is, right?

26th June 2012 - 15:35 | London UK, NW3

But perhaps the self-styled "Masterful Professor" is to be pitied rather than scorned. After all, surely only someone riddled with insecurities would choose such a cringe-inducing epithet for themselves.

If we're to believe that he's having such a great time working his way through all those porn-star scenarios with a plethora of stereotypical fantasy femmes who are as smart as they are sexy - and let's face it, his feverish scenarios AND his theories about women's desires do read like they're written by someone whose porn consumption has seriously affected his ability to relate to women in the real world - where on earth does he find the time, not to mention the tireless energy, to write such ponderous tracts bragging about it at such length, then come back repeatedly to ensure his ramblings stay near the top of the listings with yet another specious 'Update'?

"Professor" (I know you're reading this) - while it may be true that SOME intelligent women in search of uncomplicated sexual adventure might respond positively to an intelligent posting, just as many of them like to experience their polar opposites, both as an antidote to the high-minded environment they routinely operate in and as an opportunity to feel quietly superior (let me just spell that bit out for you: they DON'T feel the need to shout it from the rooftops).

Something any intelligent woman will tell you (if you ever get the chance to talk to one), is that NO-ONE likes a conceited jerk who's not half as clever as he'd like to think he is.

And in the unlikely event that anything in your 'confessions' is actually true, it just goes to show: doofus oestregen must be as prevalent as its posited masculine corollary (which should come as no surprise to any thinking person).

Now go back to playing with your tiny member and leave the rest of us in peace, puh-lease!
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