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Sexual internet piracy at its finest

21st December 2011 - 5:26 | London UK, London

Ah, as a man, how wonderful it is to be more mature and have a more international perspective!

Life sucked as a college student in the UK. Being in your early 20s as a guy is hideous...being victimized by picky women when all you want to do is bone them, in every possible way. Total frustration in life!

But when you're turning forty, with no investment in defending the social hypocrisies, life is much better.

Now, I'm a skilled bandit on CL, here, and elsewhere. I regularly have wild sex with beautiful girls and women all over the world in ways that seem impossible to the uninitiated. I admit that these encounters would have seemed impossible to my younger self.

I have become very skilled in the expression of my erotic art. From the mild to the wild, I have scenarios to suit all tastes. The professor with his student, the outdoor quickie, the grope at the restaurant, the introduction to anal depravity, all the way to my fisting workshop and a fun scenario.

There are some strong frictions to this in the UK. After all, gender relations here are rather poor. The social hypocrisies that drip from British culture are breathtaking.

Lots of women find these scenarios very appealing...but you have to know that they're never going to admit it to their friends, family and colleagues. Or even to their supposed close girlfriends, you know how taboo it is...after their wine evenings, spent condemning the beastliness of men and commiserating with their emotional buddies, they head back home as if they lived the virtuous ideal.

But don't worry, when well-bred Amanda gets home, I'm going to enter her apartment, take her forcefully and fuck the **** out of her!

The well-known Asian journalist.
The black lady author.
The high school girl.

Ah, all of them, they are so very delicious in their ways! The more I get, the more I want. Like women do, in fact.

So, time to get back to work, I'm visiting soon and want to meet a really fun girl for another outrageous fuckfest!
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