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Updated: Some Responses to my BBB ad... racial politics in the UK

12th November 2011 - 19:36 | Birmingham UK, Birmingham and West Midlands | Age: 40

So, the response pattern continues to follow what I predicted.

MALE: "what a load of horseshite mate... utter bollocks and my guess is you made 99% of it up. You really love urself don't you? utter *** spouting a pile of pretentious overly long drivel - you must bore any woman to death"

[This is a classic casually aggressive denial from the a male respondent. It's so close to what I predicted when I first posted, it's comical. It's almost a caricature. I have to laugh when I see unsuccessful men - who don't write well and can't even spell - trying to tell me what "must bore any woman." Dude, heads-up. Intelligent women hate txt-spk. The air of casual football-hooligan violence you project doesn't exactly help your case either. And as for why you can't be successful, see the doofus sperm post and you will learn something.]

FEMALE: "Bonsoir~ Although I should be studying for the bar exam, I came across your post and found it most intriguing.
What grabbed my attention was the imagery, alliteration-- all made for an exciting read. Of course, any well penned piece sets wheels in motion in an active imagination. So, I closed my eyes and envisioned what an evening with a man who seemingly excels in the art of bringing pleasure to intelligent black women might be like.
Maybe we could chat further, I'd love to hear your thoughts on EU monetary policy or better still, what else you love about black women! A bientot"

These responses show the usual perception gap. I admit that I enjoy provoking the ignorant responses from the underperforming male cohort while receiving more intelligent and interesting notes from women.

And, no wonder women are getting into the habit of looking down on male intelligence and achievements. No wonder they often consider the Internet dating world the refuge of the hopeless loser males.

But still they're reading these. Mostly for entertainment, see exhibit A above. And when they find a more interesting, provocative and real ad, they respond.

Now, we also have an occasional hostile female respondent. Such as Ms.Negative...who says...

"Hi you sound...interesting...problem is you sound like an absolut *** of a man, like you want to *** every single woman. You're definitely the cheating type, as you said you want them all! You're missing out on some real quality girls because of how crass you sound. Oh well.."

[Yes, I want lots of women. So what? I like most of them! it's interesting how she believes that means I'm "missing out on some quality girls".. Anyway, so, we have a conversation during which time she writes "quality girlspeak" like this...]

"All you white men interested in black women like to preach about how 'successful' you are but you rarely are. A huge majority of you are usually quite unattractive or bald or fat, there is usually something wrong with you. Or you have some fetish. Or you use words like 'bodacious' nubian, queen, black beauty and all that bollocks. I say that as someone who can't count how many whute men have approached me. Even if you are successful what does that have to do with anything? You sound like you have a chip on your shoulder. You claim to have several replies..well I doubt that, besides the usual hookers, scammers,visa chasers, girls seeking sugardaddies, fat mammy types, ghetto trash etc you have have NOT received any 'quality' replies. We both know that."

[More insults follow]

"Do you think the average British man calls women 'slags'? and that because you don't use that term makes you a cut above the rest? Ha! What low standards this country has then. So much for great Britain."

"Women who enjoy such encounters don't usually share that with family members you said? Rightfully so. What self respecting black woman would admit to degrading herself with some white man online?? I'm sure that you're old as well. You Britishmen are very rarely attractive. You get to an old age and you suddenly want black women. White men like you chased me from the age of 9!!

Do you know how much your pink dicks are a laughing stock even to the women you sleep with? When she goes back to fucking a real well endowed black penis, your little puny pink dick does not even get a look in. If you knew half of what black women really think of you white men it would absolutely destroy your illusion. Ha.

White men physically DO NOT measure up to the black man, you NEVER will. I don't care how many trashy black women you fuck online hon, you're a bore culturally, physically, spiritually to the black woman. For all those white men married to black women you can be sure these women are getting real black penis on the side to keep them satisfied You white boys will never be up to the job. Keep deluding yourself hon :)"


[I learned that Ms.Negative does have some reasons for her deep bitterness towards white males, but her attempt to assault me by denying that black women like white men is just too illogical and ridiculous.]

[So I think.... ah but my dear, no. "We" don't know any of this. You yearn for it to be so, in the vain hope that you can discipline me. This is an absolutely classic, psychological knee-jerk on behalf of insecure women when their female sexual power base, through which they have been accustomed to tweaking and totally controlling all males around them, is eroded. She attempts to turn males into servile lap dogs and it's horrendous to imagine.]

Meantime, here's a response from Ms.FunAndPositive, a yummy black beauty who did actually meet me...

"I hope your travels have been peaceful. I forgot all of your stops, Rome, etc. All of it seems so exciting.

Although little can top wandering through Europe, its wonderful to think that Birmingham has some special resonance for such a world traveler as you.

I thank you immensely for your complementary reflection on my skills for it is most warmly received. But you must know that my passion is drawn from being with such a sensual & skilled lover like you.

I cannot even tell you how you took my breath away after our first encounter, as I slowly realized you had enveloped me in your embrace, drawing me so close while growling " I have to have you again!" And as we continued thru the night, I kept thinking there was no way we could keep going! I never thought of bringing extra condoms because I have never experienced a man of your deep passion and unbridled lust in the entirety of my existence!!

You are so skilled in the twin art of making love to a woman's mind while engaging in more lustful endeavors below the shoulders, that it arouses me in reflection days later. I can feel your lips on mine, hear your voice saying how good I taste or how hot I made you; I can feel your hands caressing my skin, grabbing my ass; and the finest sensation was your thick cock filling me so completely, again and again and again...and again. ;P

I could never underestimate your prowess again--many men boast, but you delivered--so many times that you left me weak and exhausted."


I'm glad I didn't meet Ms.Negative - but watch out, guys and girls, she could be working in YOUR office!

As for Ms.Positive, thanks, I agree, it was GREAT, and, I'll see you soon ;)

What fun we have here! I love it when I meet my date at the pub, she's dressed in a provocative way, we have an engaging conversation before we retire to the bed chamber for our fun. Meantime, these guys who write such nonsense are probably the jealous males sitting around watching at the pub... they're the ones who bitch at each other about the lack of opportunity! Caused by their own foolishness, yes indeed.
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