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16th June 2011 - 2:45 | London UK, Somewhere central |

I've recently decided to try my hand at online dating. I uploaded my pics etc, men wrote in to say how attractive I am, how cute I am ad naueseum. I was very excited. I started to talk to one who started to ask about my 't**s'. I can't even say that word, it's so degrading. Needless to say I was very very disappointed.It's not like I pinned my hopes on him being anything special, i was just on a buzz to meet someone cute feel the same way. Before he made the disrespectful comment we seemed to be getting on well. Not only that but I felt very dirty, very hurt and disappointed. You all must think I'm overreacting, outwardly I seem confident, but I'm still shy, I also get hurt very easily. It's 2am, i can't sleep because I'm still hurting over a stranger's remark.
Going to pubs scares the hell out of me. I don't have a lot of friends, I'm actually quite lonely. I'd never admit that to anyone, i feel safer saying that to strangers online.

Why on earth do men go online to treat women this way? Why on earth are women so degraded constantly? When you reject them they become quite vicious. How dare i turn them down. This happens with the most normal men that you would never think would do such things.
I'm at a loss socially, online is not proving to be going well because it's hard to get over strangers saying hurtful things or sexual crude things.
Why do manners go straight out the window online? If you can't walk up to a woman in real life and say certain things why on earth do you feel she is less human or deserving of respect online??
My plea to peopl eonline is to respect one another. Why are people so selfish and say such disgusting things to other people.
Your actions are very hurtful to others.
I'll admit to being quite old fashioned. I'm 30, that's hardly old.
I worry about putting myself out there. If attractive young women would rather stay home or go to the gym than go out to meet men online or off for fear of awful things said to them, then it's ultimately mens loss. And a shame. Maybe mine as well but I am not compromising in my standards.

I expect women will read this and understand where I'm coming from, that these things aren't easily forgotten or brushed off. There isn't a lot we can say to men that can hurt them, but they seem to relish heaping crap on unsuspecting women. Not all men but it's VERY shocking how the most regular, cute ans supposedly well brought 'gentlemen' are usually the culprits.
That comment was one of quite a number from the normal looking ones. I don't want to hear patronizing replies about ignoring people or don't let it get to me and all that crap. I wouldn't let it get to me, thi behavior seems to be everywhere. As a woman in London you just can't escape it. Why are women reduced to nothing but objects from men??

What a disgusting society we live in :( I'm certainly no feminist but I'm starting to understand the changing behavior of women, I get the recent 'sl*t' walk in central London, I understand when women are becoming aggressive or louder,or turning to other women sexually it's down to how we are treated in this society. I understand the rise of golddiggers and women that are only out for themselves or have a 'what's in it for me' attitude, single motherhood etc. Who wants to deal with his crap from men? For every degrading word men have for women we cannot counteract with our own that would hurt them as much.

Ladies we don't have to take the bullcrap from them. Is our independence the price we have to pay for such a shocking tide of viciousness towards us??
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