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A man's Cum

29th June 2011 - 23:40 | London UK, c. London |

I absolutely detest the smell of a man's cum. I have had boyfriends of course, as have most women.
Ladies, is it just me or do men's cum up there with the worst smelling things on this earth? To think there are men out there that want their women to actually taste, let alone swallow that crap, YUCK!!

I feel that as women we put up with a lot just to please men. If we're really honest about a lot of stuff, men would really get their feelings hurt.
Cum looks like snot,a mucus thingy,tastes like death, the consistency is egglike and disgusting, it smells like something crawled into their scrotums and died, and what they squirt when they cum is rotting juice!!

The sight of a man's penis is one the ugliest things to behold. Car crash in the flesh, and the fact that liquid death or sewage comes out of it....Arrgghhhhh

I swear cum is only good for one thing. Babies!
Why do you men think a lot of women just can't be bothered?
Some of you men may think well some of you women smell too, well at least we don't squirt toxins! It always cracks me up when I go online and men are showing off their penises, the more gruesome ones are when there is a cumshot, and some poor woman has to grin for the camera, her mouth dripping with his shit, I mean cum. I always wondered what the grimace was about the first time I watched porn. Years later I would discover that it was the fucking taste of it. Better out than in I'd say!

Even when a man is excited, you can always smell the excitement.
A lot of women are reluctant to discuss this, not sure why.I have had discussions though with a significant number of women, professionals, stay at home moms, students on this topic and I'm not in the minority at all.

I can't help how I feel. I think that as women we have learnt to put up with a lot.
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