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To the King of the Doofi.. the professor's lesson #2. Crazy girls f*** well!

8th May 2012 - 18:28 | London UK, London and everywhere

It's been busy these last couple weeks. Here's an update, with a note from the most recent of my potentially sweet dates...

"I am 20s F enjoy being touched and some what submitting to an older guy.. i love being molested by a daddy type man and i love laying on my back and enjoying what daddy had to offer his little girl. I how ever do not like cum in my mouth or on my face and deff. not in my pussy. I do like daddy to be a little forceful just no pain and no leaving marks on my body. I like being tied down and just having clean and safe sex.
I work Mon, - Friday and usually can only play after work and i need at least 2 days in advance. I can never host i live with my family and we are religious.
anyhow daddy let me know what you think .. please send me some pictures of your face, body, cock. once you email me back i can send you my call # and send you pics."

"So I went online and took some pics that we can maybe try...for our role daddy I wanna be such a naughty little girl for you my pussy has been very wet! Please let me know when as soon as you will want to use me as your daddys little slut... please daddy I haven't had sex in 3 weeks I'm going crazy I need some attention from you! I hope u will text me and we can fuck soon!!!!!!"

I didn't even meet her, yet, but you will agree, she sounds fun and interesting if a little crazy. The Daddy scenario can be fun with a younger girl. You all know it's true that crazy girls fuck like bitches, ah, yes. Of course, there might be other problems so this is a case where care is needed...not like my responsible, outwardly respectable goody-girl French student.

Sometime soon, I'll try her out, but I think it would be wise to keep some distance between my normal life and hers...I suspect she could go wild in other ways too, not all of them positive. Hotel meetings only, or open air, like she says.

As for King Doofus, well, here's the previous history of the post for those who are not up to speed on our convo:

How entertaining to enter into dialog with you once again, over the ether-net.

There's only one thing to say to you this week [last month, this was] the words of the pretty black French college girl I ravished yesterday:

"I must confess I was surprised when you tongued my ass...that was a first for me. So dirty and yet so erotic...That orifice is a lot more sensitive than I imagined :) It certainly did make the experience of taking you there more intense. And as for my screaming.... :)"

She was delicious, even considering my experience. I'm exhausted today. Anyway, she's another one for my harem, and I'll see her again later. They don't all live in the same place, incidentally.

But maybe a more detailed discussion is warranted. KingDoofus, your covert jealousy of my success impedes your rational thought.

Being shy about one's skills and accomplishments disincetivizes women. Haven't you noticed that women prefer men who really know what they're doing? Arrogance in bed is necessary. Almost every other male knows this.

This is just one of the social hypocrisies that needs to be exploded. It's incontrovertible that Nice Guys don't get any. I don't pretend to be a "Nice Guy" in those ways.

It is time for a lesson. Let's begin with some more home truths in InternetSexPiracy 101, module, WOMEN.

Newsflash #1: Women like a challenge.

Newsflash #2: Women love to fuck. More than men do. They just need the right conditions and a man to tempt them to be as naughty as they dream about. BUT they do not do it coldly, with no passion, they want intimacy even when they're being raped or dominated. Contradictory, perhaps, at a superficial level, but this is key to success. Respect a woman, and fuck her senseless, and she'll be totally satisfied.

Newsflash #3: They can't easily do this in the regressive British culture. That's why the research demonstrates that Tracey and Siobhan will spread for Manuel in Malaga, but not for you, at home. You, the ignorant doofus males are part of the problem here, with vile epithets directed at women who enjoy playtime (I mean classy Britspeak like "slag"..any man who uses that kind of term gives himself away as woman-hater, and girls will rightly be cautious.)

Newsflash #4: There will be no submission without intellectual and professional accomplishment. Women cannot bear to submit to, or even just fuck, men who are less educated and accomplished. Writing quality demonstrates this, as does knowledge of human nature. The more wild fun I had, the more I knew, the more persuasive my ads became.

Newsflash #5: Women are instinctively attracted by men who are successful with other women. It's the number 1 predictor of appeal and sex-cess. Women don't always want to admit this directly. There's a certain element of hypocrisy about this in public - you know, how girls pretend to comfort the nice guy losers by telling them, you're such a nice guy, you'll make some girl very happy etc. etc. But girls NEVER fuck Nice Guys.

In private, the girls' actions give themselves away - they're in bed with men like me, not milquetoast wimps who can't get a date. They expect me to be successful and a number of the ladies I meet really enjoy my accounts of adventures with other slinky women in different places. They might not approve openly, in public but they sure want to know all the salacious details in private. Some of them use the phrase "harem" to describe their relationship to the other ladies. One suggested we set up a private FB page. Outrageous, or what? But, F-U-U-N with a capital F and U.

How do I have time for this? Well it's true, my time is limited. Like all of us who work professionally. It takes time to realize the rendezvous, and the simple fact of posting an ad doesn't mean we meet that night. I plan my piracy weeks and sometimes even months ahead, dude. Such artistic expression requires commitment and effort, it's not an everyday event. Care and deliberation in the input, high quality output. A good principle.

This way, by planning in advance, we can arrange our rendezvous for days when I have no business. Then I can achieve things like see three women in one day. Admittedly, I discovered that's not very wise, because there's just no way any man can satisfy three horny women in one day. I don't do that now. One, or in extreme cases when our schedules are tight, two, is more than enough. But it was fun to try three once, to find the limits.

The third woman was cool about it, when she learned the reason for my utter exhaustion. I bought her a drink and dinner to apologize for disappointing her after building such anticipation, we laughed and then she made me promise to return to her first on my next trip and make the others wait. Civilized, indeed.

Recently, I seem only to have met black and Asian women. Wonderful, all of them, all very far from sexually repressed, even the student girls who were quite young...but as always I need variety. It is time for a slinky Latina lady again. Ay caramba! Muy caliente, mi chica!

Or maybe it's even time to find a posh, white-bread Brit girl in her 20s, used to getting her own way... curvaceous, well-bred, with designer skirt and togs and, a fave perversion of mine, wearing one of those cute hairbands... ahh, I haven't had a girl like that for a few whole months now! With a girl like that, I enjoy pushing her face into the pillow and reaming her hard, for a very long time. I admit that when an upper-class British woman gasps really filthy things in a posh accent while I'm riding her, ahhh, that's quite the thrill! Even for a seriously jaded SOB like me. She just needs a little encouragement, a private space, and a masterful man to give her confidence to play. The results are truly delicious!

Enough for now.

KingDoofus, as always, I remain, truly,

The Masterful Professor
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