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No-tell office fuckstop for stressed, busy exec lady (W.End, City, Docklands)

2nd July 2012 - 8:04 | London UK, W.End, City, Docklands | Age 39

It's late, and you only have a little more than half an hour before you need to leave for home and kids. But you are stressed and very horny.

You hear the chime. Let me in. Greet me, so professionally, Hi Mr. X, it's been a while, how are you? The family? Tell me about that recent contract with firm X.... Then, close your office door.

Silence. Nobody outside can hear anything if we're careful. Relax. I'll take you.. at first very sensual, slow, wet kisses and plenty of body contact, you undulating against me... feel my erection growing, my breathing rasping...your nipples stiffening against me, yes! More!

Now, time to slip your dress down and pull your panties off, slide them over your feet. You're naked except for your heels...I'll pick you up and sit you on the edge of your desk and spread your legs wide, then hook them over my shoulders. Work your butt to the edge of the table and lie back, so you're looking at the ceiling, you're comfortable. Now, I'm kneeling down in front of the desk and my face is buried between your legs and you can feel my tongue probing expertly...opening your pussy lips and lapping your hard clit. Ohh! That feels soooo f*** gooood! I can taste your lust!

Look down at what's happening between your legs, my face pushed into you! It looks so hot when you see a man eating you over your own desk! So, grip the edge of the table hard while I eat you, mmmm!! Then I slide one finger and then two into your hot, wet, throbbing pussy. Filling you up! You rememer...long feels sooo much better when a man is stuffing your pussy instead of doing it yourself! Now, I stand up for a moment so you can reach down with your hands and play with my stiff cock, it's really big and you've made it rock hard and you'll love how it feels. Don't be shy, squeeze my balls too, they're big and heavy, think about all that semen that you're provoking inside them. When a woman starts squeezing them, they really tingle! Take your time, that feels great!!

Then I'll push you back against the table, hook your legs over my hips and really ream you. Sink ballsdeep into you, hard, but still...BE SILENT! DO NOT GASP OR MOAN! Now, there's a challenge!

You'll be so f*** hot and wet that your love juice will be running down your thighs, it's totally hot to see and feel a woman get that excited! My fingers press against the inside top of your pussy, behind your aching clit, and I begin to probe irresistably into your magic spot. It turns your whole body on when I probe it, so much deeper when I play with your clit and squeezing your boobs as I finger you. It's sooo hot, you'll be tormented, so desperate to moan and gasp, I might have to stuff your mouth while I ream you. You know that I won't stop, it's going to feel awesome!

When your pussy starts those delicious involuntary contractions and your belly starts to tighten, I know you're on the edge so I work my fingers harder inside you, lap you with my tongue, pushing fiercely into your swollen clit and sucking on it! Yeah! Now those feelings are much too intense, you're gonna cum, SOO HARD BABY! OH YEAH!!

But, remember, no matter what.... MAKE NO NOISE!

I'll keep probing, driving you over the edge so when your orgasm explodes inside you, your contractions and your groaning will make me so hot that I'll shoot my load over your legs as you cum, without even touching my cock! After we've cum together, I'll lift you up, sit you on my lap, hold you tight and kiss you, softly and passionately....

Ahh! This what you could call a truly intense, satisfying, sportfuck.

Now, we dress and recover our composure. I exit, so respectably, and so do you. Taking the condoms with me in a plastic bag...we must leave no evidence in your office trashcan. We resume our normal convo as I leave for the benefit of any late-working colleagues... you know,

"Thanks Mr.X, that was an interesting concept that you showed me. Department Y would like to learn more. We must do lunch next week, when you have the chance? Oh and have you heard about Joanna's promotion? yadayada..."

:) Now, you must admit, that would be great.

Yes, I've done this before, and no, you can't know with whom. She might be working your building!

With careful planning, we can make this happen. Send me a note here and we can talk.
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