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You lived in the cavemen era. Would you have been a rapist?

2nd July 2012 - 7:52 | London UK, The Cave

Today we have self-control. Or, most of us do. Just because we see a flash of boob doesn't mean we lose it.

But what if you lived thousands of years ago? And life was a struggle. Nasty brutish and short as Hobbes said. Would you have resisted your impulse to take that luscious, freshly-matured cave girl? If she took your fancy you could help yourself and overpower her. If you had status in your group you could be assured that you would be able to do whatever you wanted without any resistance...obviously, except for hers. It might be a struggle but it would have been more than possible. Some fermented plants by the crackling fire after a day hunting sabre-tooth furries...then time to satisfy the other appetites. You could take her doggy style in front of the group to assert your dominance. Probably that's how it happened.

It would have been even better if your band overpowered a neighboring band, because the first thing to do would be impregnate their women especially the high status ones you might not be able to use in your own group. F*** yeah! Party on! Ride those b*****s!

Would you have done it? Yes I admit it. I think I would. I bet a number of you would, too.

It shows that women have it good today in most modern societies. Now it's fun to be a girl. They get lots of privileges. They can choose not to work or to work. They get to be picky and demanding with men. They can fence with them and cocktease. Not back then.

I gotta say Holy S*** it would have sucked to have been a woman back then! Especially with us "rapists" all around keeping them constantly pregnant with no anaesthetic.
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