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RE: Why do Brit Women spread their legs abroad???

4th August 2011 - 17:55 | London UK, somewhere |

Yikes, you're harsh aren't you? LOL, not that it has anything to do with me, being that I am foreign.
You Britishmen are just like your female counterparts. The most awkward repressed(unless drunk which is most fo the time, yuck!) men on planet earth.
In a way i can't say I blame these women at all, given what they have to deal with in this country.
When I came to England it didn't take me long to figure out not to fool around with Britishmen. They aren't the best looking in Europe by a looong mile, they're not sophisticated despite the crap we're sold abroad about how refined the Brits are!! Hahaha, makes my sides split thinking of the impression I had of the locals when I first came here.
So, for the sourgrapes, I mean guy who moans too much, you're as bad as your women! Hence deserve each other!
These foreign guys are using these women of course, if they're too thick to figure it out then tough.
The truth is that yes Britishwomen are the most promiscuous women you will ever meet, yet they are very quick to call other foreign girls loose, HA! Bloody hypocritical bitches.

You're all the same as each other, so quit bitching!

PS- Now I guess I will receive vile emails from typical barely literate dumbasses who exemplify the sort I just wrote about! LOL grow up little boys. I'm guessing I hit a nerve :))
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