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RE: Am I racist to my own kind

29th August 2011 - 3:58 | London UK, Somewhere central |

Hi there

Don't beat yourself up too much buddy, there are so many people out there like you, a lot just won't admit it to themselves.
Take me for instance. In shape, slim educated attractive black lady in my late 20's from Pennsylvania, US. Am completely, COMPLETELY indifferent to black men. I feel no attraction to them whatsoever and have never been with one, and never will be. I have always preferred and dated White and Far East Asian males. I find them better looking on average,better educated, sensitive,more family oriented(ie more likely to marry the mother of their children) and an altogether gentle masculinity I have always found black men lacking.
I went to high school and Varsity with LOADS of white and Japanese, Korean Chinese guys and so many are my buddies so I should know.
I also know that white guys come into a lot of stick for being racist etc, but my goodness, blaming current living whites for the sins of their forefathers is ludicrous. Asian men are very misunderstood I have found. How many people actually know Asian guys as friends? Do we get to see them on Tv as love interests? is their masculinity celebrated like that of white and black men? No sirreee! If they're not depicted as one dimensional brutal characters devoid of emotion who are only good for kicking ass in kung fu movies they have their packages stereotyped.
I could sing praises all day for these two groups, but surmise it to say besides my dad who is biracial, I feel safest and way more respected and feel more attractive around these two groups. That could just be my own Appalachian upbringing talking here. My paternal granddad is white, and he raised a wonderful man who in turn raised me, I could be biased here.
My first love when I came to England was a gifted South Korean student I met at orientation at Imperial College, but alas it wasn't to be as he returned to Seoul upon graduation.It was an absolute pleasure to have known and been with such a wonderful guy for 3 yrs. Fast forward yrs later and my fiance is Swedish.

As long as you are not denigrating members of your race, or being disparaging, to justify dating outside,then I'd say your interest is quite healthy.

Sorry to bore you with my life story but i hope you get the point. It's ok to have these preferences, you can't help them. It's not legislated that we shold only be with members of our own race. It used to be, but with freedom comes choice. The choice to be with who we're really attracted to. Your life partner does not have to look like you. Look around you in London :)

I truly don't understand the hatred I see around me, or read online on matters pertaining to race.We're all humans,and like Abraham Lincoln did on his first inuagural speech about shared hopes and dreams, I too try to appeal to the better angels of our nature.

Stay blessed !
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