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fucked by seven men

1st September 2011 - 16:52 | Manchester UK, chester |

im a 28 year old married male who lives in chester. I have always had fantasies of being fucked by a man so decided to find one online,which was not hard.we arranged fo me to meet at his house as he was single. When i got there he took me to a room where he had a short skirt, knee high black pvc boots and a long blond wig. I agreed to wear them whist he fucked me but first he wanted to shave me which i allowed, then he dressed me and i started to suck his cock. I noticed he was becoming very rough fucking my face so hard his balls were slapping my chin, suddenly he stopped and told me he was going to tie me up.he pulled out a cushion designed to go under my stomach to raise my arse in the air so he penertrate me as deep as possible then tied my arms and legs leaving my head off the edge of the bed. As soon as he finished tying me he left the room for 15 mins and i could hear several mens voices. Then the door burst open and 6 men came in telling me i was about to get the fucking of my life. I was nervious and asked to be untied. Ignoring me a cock was pushed towards my mouth so i took it and the guy started fucking my throat then i felt a cock pushing against my arse hole before it slid in and the guy started fucking me. Just before he was about to cum he swapped places and shot his load deep in my mouth. I sucked the cum out of his cock and quickly realised that this was a small 4 1/2" cock and the cock about to fuck my arse was much bigger. The pain was unbearable at first but once my arse hole had stretched it felt good. One by one they fucked me and spunked in my mouth, some guys started slapping my face and making me lick there arse holes. After they had all cum they left the room leaving me alone. My arse hole was covered in cum as was my face and i just wanted to touch my own cock so badly. Then they came back in and one guy said a new mate had arrived and i wasnt finished yet.the new guy was a black man with the biggest dick i have ever seen. I asked to be untied but before i knew it he was fucking my mouth while others slapped my arse. He whispered in my ear that this was going to hurt and that i was a slut. His bellend started to ease my arsehole open and i let out a loud scream to which another cock was put in my mouth, slowly he eased it in and i could feel my arse ripping then he started fucking me harder and harder . My cock grew hard and he could see that my body was tensing and would come soon. Everyone started th wank in my face and soon a massive orgasasm hit me and spunk shot from my cock without me ever touching it. Open your mouth, they shouted and one by one they all came in my mouth. My whole mouth was full of cum before the black guy who was fucking my arse pulled out and rammed his huge cock so far down down my throat i couldnt breath, 7 guys cum was forced down my throat. All the guys left before i was untied . I could hardly walk but it was worth it. Iam now totally addicted to be dominated and am looking for the next experience. Reply if you can help i will do anything at all .
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