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The Real Deal

11th September 2011 - 16:08 | London UK, North East London | Age: 35

------------------------------ Real Deal greets you, on his profile ---------------------------

....... …and recommends you to take your time. Open up a bottle of wine, put yourself into reading moody position and be ready for the upcoming mission! It’s long, it’s strong, it’s funny, without added honey, just pure, direct and the honest way, so join me for this odyssey!

Fist of all, thank you for browsing through this section! You are very welcome and much appreciated.

After finishing my studies and complete the compulsory army service, I had the urge for a change, for something new and something different. To the millennium, I walked the talk and bought a single ticket to London, where I’m based ever since.
I'm pretty much settled here, have a secure job, financially stable and just recently steeped onto the property ladder.

About Me:
I’m a well presented, very humorous, self confident character, with good manners, polite approach and crystal clear views, ideas, aims and a forward direction drive. I’m not a gambler, but never afraid, in taking a calculated risk! I’m fully aware, that I was born under a lucky star, but I don’t take anything or anybody for granted! I’m passionate about things, I believe in, but not a geeky freak.

I am definitely not your random fellow, who stands on every street corner and whom you work out after his first sentence. To understand the way I think, act and behave, requires a woman with an IQ well above room temperature!

I’ve arrived to a point in my life, were I don’t need to lie or fake things anymore, to make someone feel better or comfortable around me. Now, I‘m honest, straight, direct and I don’t play silly little games and I don’t rob people’s time either. I was lucky once again, to realize in very tender age, that there’s not such a thing as a “free lunch”! If you try to use me, you will be found and counted out, before you get to two, too easy!

My Motto: This is an actual verse of my song: “The Present”:

Follow your dreams,
enjoy every moment.
Never, ever look back,
if you want to progress!

The past is long gone
and the future uncertain!
Today and every day is a gift,
that is why it's called,
----The Present----

Music and travelling are two of my biggest passions. I play several instruments (guitar, bass, piano and drums), write, sing and perform my songs, whenever I can.
I'm into Indie/Pop-Rock/Blues, but open for almost everything which can be played on an instrument!

I am also a "language guy" (speak Hungarian, German and English fluently), and this is partly why I love travelling.
I’m aiming to do at least two big trips a year. One on the “big bird” (direction Asia, Australia, North or Latin America) and one on my motorcycle (covering most of Europe)
Apart from that, I do several weekend breaks, throughout the UK and Europe.
Being a very spontaneous and adventurous character, with a good sense of humour, makes me possibly, the best and easiest of travel partners.
..…backpack, tickets and passport, and off we go, absolutely no complication or drama, from camping to 5* Hotels, I Rock 'n 'Roll them all, plus there is not much in the whole, wide, word in which I am not somehow interested. Always very curious and suspicious!!

Cooking is certainly one of my qualities, but I also enjoy a delicious meal in a fancy restaurant with the right company. I’m maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eschewing fast food, if avoidable.

Apart from my culinary skills, I have also developed other interests with the years:

-Web design
-Scuba diving
-Digital media

Any type of activities are welcome, I’m very energetic and love exercising. Although, I like to combine them with a Sport! Lifting metal bars in a gym, all day long, to compete with the Michelin Man and waxing my chest thereafter, to look like Mr.Beckham on the Armani advertisement, is not my life motivation!
I like swimming, snorkeling, fishing, tennis, cycling football etc. Skiing and ice-skating are along my favourites sports and I do, at least one ski trip a year too.

We say that happiness is about the little things in your everyday life. I am happy when....
-I play my music with a band on stage.
-I cook for a person, who appreciates it a lot.
-I cuddle up with a girl who really can and like to kiss!
-I travel to amazing counties and spent time with the locals.

About You:
I am looking for someone who is reasonable, available, open-minded, and not a inveterate feminist!
I do like to open the door or help a girl into her coat, without being yelled at: “I can do it myself”
The idea, that she is changing the tyres on his car, while he is ironing her trousers makes my stomach turn.

My favourite quote:
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

If you made it till here, I'm sure you liked what you've read, so let's set up a social appointment reasonably soon, because; An ounce of actions, is worth more, then a tone of theory and an eye to eye conversation, cannot be simulate via email tennis!!

Have a great day!

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