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life, choices and decisons!

18th September 2011 - 23:19 | London UK, UK |

Well here it goes...

Im a 20 year old male, I have a big choice ahead!

Ive had a girlfreind for 4 years (Yes the same one) We get on well together but i work away for a living! So only see her at weekends or every two weekends as I sometimes have to work the weekend! We live 3 to 4 hrs away (as i move frequently)

Anyway being so young im still trying to get more qualifications. My company have offerd to sponsor me for another 3 years with a HNC course included.

I have already lived away from my girlfreind for 3 years, She doesnt like me working away she wants to keep me for herslef I guess! She moans at weekends sometimes about it and how I go out with my freinds at weekends to.

Its getting harder to see her or fit her in, also being at this young age ive not really had much experience with diffrent girls (only two sexual relationships) and for the past half a year ive been thinking about what Im missing out on being young, instead im in a serious relationship!

I havent cheated and wouldnt, Im just confused, and the last thing I want to do is miss out on living my youth to the full, I dont want to stay with her another 3 years if we are only going to break up at the end as I have to work away for years after my HNC. Shes very cute but doesnt have that many freinds and me leaving would leave her lonley (another reason that im finding it hard to leave)!

I know that was long but I need some sound advice thanks!

Im so confused please help!
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