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28th September 2011 - 22:46 | London UK, All | Age: 36

Imagine yourself on a crowded tube train, coming home from a busy day at work, all hot and sweaty. You have to stand by the doors it's so crowded, people are pressed against each other. The train stops in a tunnel and the driver announces that it will be a few minutes.

Suddenly, you feel a bulge pressing against your arse, you can feel the man who is standing behind you has an erection. Instead of pulling away you press yourself into it, and move gently from side to side.

Encouraged by your reaction, he moves his arm around your body to between your legs and then slowly under your short black skirt, gently stroking between your thighs. He can feel the end of your black fishnet stockings, then your skin and then your silk panties. He rubs at the silk, it feels moist.

You are moving your arse harder now and you want to turn around but he doesn't let you. You feel his hot breath on your neck, you feel his hand slip under your panties and touch your pussy. A sensation passes through you and you feel it rush to your pussy to make it even wetter. He fingers your clit, you can feel his dick getting even harder. He puts a finger inside you and the train starts to move. The movement of it plus the finger pushing in and out of you means that you can feel something building up inside you.

With his other hand, he undoes the zip on his trousers and guides your hand inside. You can feel his dick and you start to masturbate him. You both increase your pace as the train nears the station. You feel the train begin to slow down as it enters the station but you don't slow down though, you increase your pace. As the train begins to pull to a halt you feel your orgasm racing through your body and you feel his come on your hand.

You both remove your hands from each other and as the door is opening you feel him zipping up his trousers. A lot of people are getting off at this station and people brush past you as the train empties. The door closes and the tube starts to move off. You turn around to look at the man but there is nobody close to you.

You put your hand to your mouth and discreetly lick the cum off it.
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