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DOOFUS SPERM! Oh dear....

29th November 2011 - 16:18 | London UK, South of the river. |

I have attached a small excerpt from your last posting with your grammatical and spelling errors highlighted (16 in total I am afraid).

You do need to take greater care especially when being so scathing of others. As the saying goes "Don't throw stones in glass houses."

Some people might think because this is posted for the wilds of East Anglia, that there would be nobody to read it. But, (no comma needed) far from it, as we can all see.

Here are a couple more recent responses. (Grammatically wrong. I propose ‘Here are a couple more of the most recent responses’.)

[Anonymous, but almost certainly a woman] "great post :)..." How on earth you can assume it is almost certainly a woman from two words is somewhat ambitious?


[Curious woman] "Hey was just wondering what you get out of your posts / why you do it? Just a curious woman"

To be provocative and entertaining. To stimulate [ha!] new dialog and imagination. And if amused/entertained women respond, they're women I want to meet. To email with, to chat to (should be the word WITH not TO), to laugh with, maybe to fuck, who knows? The conversations I have with women around the world are very engaging and entertaining, because - as a result of conversing over these kind of posts - we meet with no investment in defending social hypocrisy or in supporting the propriety of judgmental bystanders...this is a big problem in British culture, one that prevents comfortable expression and inhibits the meeting of minds and bodies.

[Woman above] "I was just looking for... something to do. Sometimes it's nice to meet a man who you can exchange good, honest, somewhat adult emails with.

As you insinuated.... most men can't get past the basic English test (and this is true of Joe Public Forum, Fetish forums, swingers forums, lego (Lego is a trade name so you incorrectly used a lowercase l) building forums and train spotting forums... I assume) and then after two emails they seem to think your (YOU not YOUR) are their private sex toy. But once in a while, a good one comes along.

As to why I asked you, your post stood out. But I also believe it's condescending tone was that of someone looking to annoy through a superiority act more than anything, so I wondered if you got kicks from talking down to people, and why you felt the need to exercise that in a public way."

Yes ma'am, it's all true. However, it's interesting to see how much this condescension discomfits (DISCOMFORTS) those who normally seek to practice it on others. See the angry/aggressive/personalized (PERSONALISED) male responses.

And, I like to put it out there because it's amusing to read this type of frank discussion on a public forum. Normally, we never get this far...our discussions take place behind the twitching curtains, or not at all. This silence allows the false fronts to maintain social currency.

For these reasons, this is one of the most entertaining posts on this forum, and probably on most others. You can admit it, (IT;) chuckle even, because that's why you're reading it now. My art is a real change from "hey im horny wana fuk" or "i'm a desperate NiceGuy who can't find a gf, why is it that no girls will respond to my [heavy-handed, manipulative, juvenile] overtures?" etc.

Obviously, I don't practice this condescension with those whom I meet. The quality of my written art - knowledgeable, provocative, edgy, insightful, not (should read AND NOT) constrained by social convention – (the dash is unnecessary) naturally reflects my sexual art. That's why I'm a master of my crafts.

Anyway, now, for a recent male view:

[Male]: "talk shit"

Really. That's it.

He does not even write in what we might assume is correct vernacular txt-spk, e.g. "u talk shit!" Hahaha! (Ha ha ha!) You can see the irony in this....his response is so consistent with my analysis below, it's almost too funny. (something can be almost funny, or too funny, but never almost too funny)

If you want to discuss more, email me. I'll ensure your response is fully anonymized (NO SUCH WORD) before I quite (QUOTE) anything from it here.

Now, back on track. (This sentence is completely unnecessary) I will recap my original post the updates 1-3 for the benefit of the increasing readership, some of whom haven't seen this yet...
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