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Chance encounter

9th December 2011 - 11:01 | London UK, Ladbroke Grove

It was a chance encounter in an antique shop. I don't know where she was from and probably never will unless she shows up again sometime when I'm there. But before I tell you about it let me give you some background to set the scene. I'm thirty-eight, married, and I work in the Transport department of a large company. I've been married for sixteen years and we have two children. I'm a fairly attractive redhead with blue eyes and a nice, athletic figure. My long legs are my best feature. Another thing you should know is that things haven't been going too well between my husband Max and me lately.

Anyway, I was in town on a hot July afternoon. I had taken the day off because I needed a break. It was no big deal, I had plenty of vacation time accumulated. I was wearing a white blouse and an above the knee black skirt, and 4 inch black heels. I work out regularly to stay in shape and I looked pretty good as I left the house. I arrived at the shop, and the owner, a woman named Sue, greeted me warmly. I've been a customer since they opened a couple of years ago. It's a big shop that spreads over 8 or 9 rooms in an old building that's been extensively refurbished. We chatted for a few moments and then the phone rang. I drifted away and started to browse.

Since it was mid-week and very hot, there weren't too many people around. I only ran into one other person in the first few minutes I was there. Then I noticed another woman, younger than I and blonde. Her hair was worn very short, giving her a rather boyish look, but she was very pretty. Her hair was very light, white-blonde, and she had big green eyes flecked with blue. She was wearing denim shorts, a T-shirt and running shoes. She looked to be about 20 or 22. We smiled politely at each other as we passed but didn't speak. As we passed each other, I noticed her glance drop to my chest. I'm small on top, 34AA, and I wasn't wearing a bra that day. I knew my hard nipples were visible through the thin cotton and I enjoyed that. I've always enjoyed a little exhibitionism. I continued on into another room and browsed there for maybe 10 minutes. When I moved on to the next room, the blonde was there and we smiled at each other again. I moved around the room and out again. A few minutes later she entered the room I was in. I was crouching in front of a curio cabinet, examining some jewelry on the lower shelves. She glanced down at me and smiled and her gaze lingered on my legs. I knew my skirt was up a little and I deliberately moved so that more of my legs were exposed. She paused and whispered, "It's not nice to tease." Then she turned and slipped out the door.

I ran into her again a few minutes later. I still hadn't seen anyone else except Sue the owner. The blonde was sitting on a low stool while she looked over a collection of silver displayed on the lower shelf in a big curio cabinet. I moved around the room and wound up next to her, looking at some antique jewelry displayed on the upper shelves of the cabinet. A minute or so later I felt a light touch on my ankle.I glanced down and saw that she had the tips of her fingers resting lightly against my ankle. I was curious and, have to admit, a little excited, so I didn't move or say anything. I continued to look at the jewelry, pretending not to notice. She ran her fingers up the back of my calf, pausing briefly at the back of my knee. Then they moved on up my thigh. I shivered as she caressed my thigh. Then she was lightly caressing my buttocks with the flat of her hand. I was surprised when she spoke. "This old silver and jewelry is lovely, don't you think?" "Oh, yes," I replied. "I love coming here to look at it." Just then her hand moved higher and she hooked a finger into the waist band of my panties. Before I could react, she gave a quick tug and pulled them down over my hips. I glanced around quickly but there wasn't anyone around. She had my panties down around my ankles in a few seconds. I automatically stepped out of them, not wanting anyone to come in and see them there. The blonde scooped them up and tucked them into the pocket of her shorts. Then she glanced up at me and smiled as she ran her hand up my leg again. I started to move away, but she pinched me on the inside of my thigh and whispered, "Stand still. This is what you get for teasing." I froze and stared down at her in silence as she caressed my bare buttocks and thighs, I was trembling when she moved her hand and stroked my wet pussy. She took my hand and led me out through another room and into a short hallway. At the end of the hall there was a small room used for storage. She led me into this room and closed the door. Then she released my hand and whispered, "Don't move a muscle. Do you understand me?" I nodded and stood there while she unsnapped my skirt and let it fall. Then she lifted my top off over my head and dropped it on the floor. I stood there in my shoes and shivered from a mixture of fear and excitement as she ran her hands over my nude body. There was a small table in the room and she pointed to it and told me to get up on it. I did as she asked and sat there while she fondled my breasts and stroked my pussy and thighs. She leaned close and kissed me on the mouth as she slipped her hand between my legs. I moaned and blushed when she chuckled and whispered, "My, aren't we wet!" She quickly and expertly masturbated me to orgasm. It was fantastic! The room was hot and I was sweating heavily when it hit me. After my orgasm, she stepped back and swiftly removed her clothes. Her breasts were bigger than mine and very beautiful. She had me get down from the table and kneel. She leaned against the table with her legs spread and guided my mouth to her vulva. She was wet and ready. I'd fantasized about going down on another woman, but never thought it would happen. I was scared and excited. She had a sweet taste that I liked and I pushed my tongue deep into her wet pussy. She moaned and stroked my hair as I licked her to orgasm. When it was over, she drew me to my feet and hugged me. We were both sweating heavily. We rubbed our bodies together for a few moments as we kissed. Then she stepped back and picked up her bra. We both dressed quickly, but she kept my panties.She opened the door cautiously and glanced out. There was nobody around. We slipped out and walked down the hall. At the end, just before the first display room, she turned and kissed me again. I moaned and pressed myself against her as her tongue flickered deep in my mouth. She chuckled. "You're a hot slut, aren't you?" Before I could answer she turned and walked away. She paused at the door on the other side of the room and waved. Then she was gone.
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