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The hitchhiker

19th December 2011 - 15:35 | London UK, Clapham |

The hitchhiker

It was a cold wet November night. My windscreen wipers were working overtime to keep the screen clear. The little mini bounced through puddles on the road, sending up sprays of dirty water. Not a night to be wandering about. The orange glow of the sodium vapour streetlights gave everything a very monochromatic look. I had been out visiting friends in Sutton and was making my way back home to my flat in Clapham. I was tired and looking forward to my bed. Driving was a bit of a strain in the circumstances, especially on my own, so when I spotted a short hooded figure thumbing a lift I didn't think twice and pulled over. I don't make a habit of picking up hitchhikers, but on this night, given the weather, I was grateful for any company. The passenger door opened and the hooded stranger flopped into the seat and slammed the door shut. I looked at them, curious to know what I had let myself in for. I was to find out in a very short space of time. The alcohol fumes and slight unsteadiness weren't a good sign. The hood of the duffle coat was pulled pack to reveal a cascade of dark hair and two deep brown eyes. Oh gawd - I'd picked up a drunken lady. Part of me said 'turf her out of the car now, she'll be nothing but trouble' but another part said 'turf her out and she could scream help and it would be your word against hers. Besides it is hammering down out there and you did want company' The latter part own out. 'Where are you going ?' I asked. 'London' came the reply. 'Any particular part - it's a pretty large city' 'South Kensington. I've got friends there'. I pulled away from the kerb. South Ken was a bit further than my place in Clapham, but if it meant getting out of this with a clean conscience it was worthwhile. So that was how at around midnight I found myself pulling up outside a mansion block in South Ken. I just prayed that the friend was genuine and able to provide a bed for the night. Well, the friend was in, but was unwilling to provide a roof for the night - she had someone else with her and didn't really want to be disturbed at all. They argued about what should happen and I was casually sidling back towards the car, with every intent on doing a runner. 'Hey, you can't leave me ' cried my ride. Rats ! I was trapped. 'Look, I'm tired, I want to get some kip. I'm not running a taxi service. I'm not about to drive you all the way home. If you are desparate I can offer floor space and a sleeping bag at my place in Clapham.' I said testily. So she climbed back in the car and I drove back to my place.

On the route to Clapham she started to sober up a bit. The risk of having to pull over to let her throw up was receding. She was pretty quiet for the duration and I wasn't in the mood for conversation. I parked outside the Victorian town house that was split into flats. Mine was on the second floor. She followed me up the stairs and waited patiently whilst I fiddled with the key in the lock. The flat was a fairly comfortable affair, two large rooms plus a tiny kitchen and small bathroom. I had one of the rooms, the other was usually occupied by my flatmate, who happened to be away at the time. I found the side light and turned it on. In one corner was my bed, next to the window. The opposite corner housed a large wardrobe. On the wall between the two was a gas fire and mantlepiece and on the floor in front of this was a large sheepskin rug. The room wasn't overly warm so I lit the gas fire. I relieved her of her coat, which was still sodden from the rain and hung it over the back of a chair to dry. She stood in front of the fire, shivering slightly. The bottom half of her jeans were still wet and whisps of steam smoked away from them. I suggested that they would dry quicker if she took them off as well, and busied myself hunting in the cupboard for a spare blanket and a sleeping bag. When I turned round she was kneeling on the sheepskin rug, her naked legs tucked under her and the jeans on the back of another chair drying out. The glow of the fire outlined a tidy figure, full breasts, a trim waist and shapely legs. She was still cold, so I knelt beside her and wrapped a blanket around her. Her eyes sparkled in the firelight. I pulled her toward me and kissed her parted mouth. Tongues flickered and explored. She slipped arms around me and held me tight. My hands slid under her jumper and roamed over her soft skin. She lay back on the rug and pulled the jumper over her head, revealing a pair of firm breasts held in place by a lacy black bra. I stroked the twin mounds and noted the stiffening nipples. She moaned softly and started to pull the shirt off my back. I toyed with the waistband of her brief panties, sliding a figure down and feeling the lush growth of pubic hair. Her hips rose to meet my movements. She sat and unbuckled the belt on my trousers, giving me the opportunity to undo the clasp on her bra. Freed of the
material her nipples stood out hard and proud. She unzipped my flies and was busy pulling down my trousers and boxers. I stood up to let them fall and she knelt in front of me, grasped my now fully erect penis and started sucking it like a lollipop. Her tongue twirled expertly around the dome of the tip, teasing down the shaft and sucking on my balls. I could feel my own climax approaching and needed to cool things down a little. I pushed her back onto the rug, relieved her of her knickers and bent down to her moistening pussy. My tongue flickered along her thigh causing her to shudder with anticipation. Higher it roamed, settling in the cleft between her thighs. A casual flick of her engorged clit brought an electric spasm from her. A more determined effort was greeted by deep moaning. Continued chewing prompted her hips to grind up in my face and her hands pushed my head down hard on her now very wet pussy. She was wriggling like an eel, desparate to have something filling her. Her hips bucked furiously, nearly breaking my nose at the same time. She let out a low animal wail as her body shuddered to a climax. I let her catch her breath before scooping her up and laying her on the bed. Thoughts about one of us having to kip on the floor had been firmly banished. She smiled up at me, hair damp with sweat streaked across her forehead. I tenderly smoothed it away and kissed her gently. She ran her hand down my chest and stroked my hard cock. Parting her legs she pulled me on top of her and guided the tip of me into her still sopping pussy. She arched her back, flicked a pillow under her hips and pushed up at me. I could feel her muscles grip my shaft as it slid deeper into her until it reached her cervix. This was not going to be a gentle fuck. She wanted it bad and the blood was up in me. I started to pound her pussy, long strokes that rammed hard into her causing her to gasp at each one. I gripped her buttocks and pulled them viciously up to meet my downward stroke. Her breasts wobbled in sync as I humped her. I caught hold of one and mid stroke, bent and bit her nipple. She squealed in pleasure. 'My turn' she whispered. 'I want to be on top'. I disengaged and lay back. She straddled my hips and fed my hard cock into her once more. Grinding down on me I reached round and fingered her bum. An appreciative wriggle allowed me further access in this direction. She was bouncing up and down my stiff dick whilst I slid fingers up her delectable arse, lubricated by her own juice. I hit the point of no return and could feel the muscles at the base of my balls contract. She was close to cumming and the feeling of my balls emptying deep inside her was enough to take her over the top. I groaned as I spurted spunk into her, ramming my cock in as far as I could and thrusting her hips down onto me. She threw her head back in passion and then collapsed on my chest. 'Oh God that was good' she
whispered 'far better than my husband'. My ears pricked up. Husband ? By now pretty sober, but sleepy, she told me the tale. How she had wanted to go out for the evening but her husband had said no. So she'd walked out and gone down the pub. Once there she'd had a drink too many and decided that rather than go back home she would sleep it off at her friend's place, but hadn't had the fare for a cab, hence thumbing a ride. 'And then you picked me up' she giggled. She then fell asleep on me.

I woke early the next morning. The winter sunshine streamed in through the windows. She was still fast asleep lying sprawled across me. Her head on my shoulder and arms around me. I stroked her naked back, my hand wandering down to the curve of her buttocks. That made her stir. I played with each cheek, gently massaging it and delving down between them. I knew she was awake when she started to play with the hair on my chest. Something brought her bolt upright. 'Um... who are you?' she asked. 'Mark' I replied. 'Did we ?...oh god we did, didn't we...and we didn't use anything !' She could feel the content of her vagina begin to seep a bit. Frantically she looked around for something to cover herself with, but gave up and made a dash for the bathroom. 'Have you got another towel ?' she called. I slid out of bed and dug one out from the chest of drawers. 'Here' I said. The toilet flushed and a hand appeared around the door clutching for said towel. A few moments later she emerged with a somewhat chastened look on her face. She looked around at the clothes strewn over the floor. 'You animal' she cried, 'you took advantage of me when I was drunk' 'I seem to recollect you didn't exactly complain' I said. 'No' she smiled 'it was rather good' She let the towel fall so I could see her body in the daylight. Petite and showing the marks of the previous night's activity. Her nipples bruised by my attentions and some interesting marks between her thighs. She stood by the side of the bed. 'How long will it take to get to the station?' she asked. 'Not long' I replied 'Come back to bed and I'll tell you'. She slid between the sheets and lay next to me. 'Show me what we did last night once more' her eyes bright. I took her face in my hands and kissed her passionately. She parted her legs and I slid between them. 'Fuck me hard before I have to leave' she murmured. Not needing a second bidding I thrust my hard cock up and instantly found her waiting parted lips. I slipped in easily, lubricated in part by the exertions of the previous night. 'That feels so good' she whispered. 'but can we play doggies ?''Of course' I replied. She turned over and raised her beautiful arse in the air. I knelt behind her and slid in deep. I could see her pussy lips wrapped around my shaft as I pistoned in and out of her. Looking down I could see the starfish of her anus winking at me. Something suggested that it might be a fun place to be. My cock was now coated in a mix of last nights spunk and her pussy juice. I pulled out and then pressed the tip against her winking hole. 'Oh that's naughty..' she groaned and then relaxed a bit, allowing the head of my cock to open her up a bit. A few seconds later and my slippery dick was able to negotiate her sphincter muscles and slide inside her. She started playing with her clit as I thrust inside her lovely arse. 'More!' she cried 'I want you to fuck me harder'.I was pounding away at her bumhole and it was getting a bit dry. I needed lubrication. I whipped my cock out and shoved it hard into her now soaking pussy that was dripping onto the bedsheets. 'Don't stop pleaaase' she begged. I was hammering away viciously at her pussy whilst she furiously frigged at her clit. She wailed like a banshee as she came to a huge climax just as I shot another load deep into her. Then she sank onto the bed for a moment as I withdrew. My cock felt slightly sore from the exertions. I lay down beside her. Without saying a word she started kiss my body starting at my neck and working her way down to my slightly reddened appendage. She opened her mouth and slowly took every inch of my penis into her until her lips were nestling on the pubic hair of my crotch. She proceeded to clean every last drop of juice from me swallowing it with desire. Then she disappeared to the bathroom once more for a shower. I wanted to share it with her, but she shooed me out. By the time I had emerged from the bathroom she was dressed. As I dropped her off at Clapham Junction station I said 'if you ever need a ride again..' 'I'll think about it' she giggled and then she disappeared into the melee of commuters.
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