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"Greedy, slutty, rotten whore" wants to be f***ed by "Cliched internet murderer"

6th November 2013 - 16:08 | London UK, London

The time is coming...and so will we :) So, keep those suggestions rolling in!

TODAY'S QUICK QUESTION: How should I fuck her? Come on ladies, some of you had some good ideas last time. So send your dirty and perverted suggestions to me. I pick the winning idea and I fuck my next Oz-lady as you describe. We share the results here next month.

I know you girls are just as perverted as us. Have some fun with it! Should I rape her at her flat? Grope her tits in the wine-bar bathroom? Ask her to drive to a secluded location and stage a chance seduction in the park? Impale her on my hardon and pull the curtains back so we can be seen by the street below? Force the anal beads slowly and gently but firmly and irresistably into her lovely bumhole for the first time and slowly tug them out one by one? Lube her with Astro, spread her legs as wide as possible, stuff and s-t-r-e-t-c-h her pussy and fill it until she can't take any more...and then just-take-it-a-tiny-bit-further-ahhh-ahh-OMG!!! All so f* good, how to choose :?

And what kind of lady is she? Read below.

April 18th: OK back on the ever-popular topic of "white girls can't fuck," which I've received some correspondence on...yes, OK, there are some who can. My point was, such qualities are rarer than they are among black girls.

Now I have found an attractive and ladylike Scottish slut, a real gem in her 30s, very professional and accomplished and certainly not suspected of being a dirty bitch in public...AH! Damn, she's hot!

What a thrill to find here there, of all places! Usually this is a location that is among the most repressive and anti-sexual of all. But she has lived abroad and she has tasted and felt black cock. That's why she knows what she likes. Women who fuck a lot, and especially if they've whored out for black men, are SOO much more fun. I don't deal with blushing virgins.

It's so idiotic and stupid that somehow males fear women who are experienced and self-aware.

Girls like it that I am a master of my craft and they know that didn't happen after the first experience, or even the first twenty. Of course, in public some speak disapprovingly of such experience...but then, take a look at whom they actually's never pleading virgins or Mr inexperienced Nice Guy! Haha!

Anyway so after I ravish this attractive and luscious ScotSlut, I might have to set up a gangbang for her with a couple of horny black bulls.

But before that I'm going to demand she meets me at the wine bar in a short skirt, heels, a nice blouse with plenty of her generous cleavage on display. No bra so the outline of her dark nipples is clear to the passing observers and other diners. What a delicious prelude! After that I am going to fuck the crap out of her. She thinks she can be ridden all night and still exhaust me. We'll see - many women have assumed this, only a very few have succeeded. These females are legendary sex goddesses. Some of their notes are quoted in my other postings.

April 16th: recent graduate white girl says: "When I put on my face moisturizer, I took it all the way to my breasts and began kneading also. Tempted to get the astroglide out for my throbbing pussy, but fuck it's messy. I'd prefer you here....maybe you should drive down on Friday. I'd be disappointed to hear you only got to x., even if you like the black girls. Quite frankly I'll show you how baby got back, hahaha"

So yes, for those of you telling me, I know, some white girls can fuck too. Nothing gets a girl going more than knowing what other girls do...those juices flow!

Apr 11th: time for two new black girls! Yummy!! You know what I am going to do with them. Two days apart, to allow me recover time from what promises to be another wild adventure. I will show them my best art! They won't be able to walk properly for a day or two after that.

Mar 25th: that girl is exactly what I love most! A cute, fun, sensual and self-confident black girl with luscious curves! O.M.G as the students say :) Perfect! More suitable for this month's adventuring.

Mar 20th: more wild adventuring in prospect. All with curvy black girls, too - great! Like I said here - and elsewhere - you dark lovelies are so open, so sensual and alluring and altogether adult about your desires, it's refreshing indeed. What man wouldn't be hard as rock for you!

But, it begs the question, why, do we often observe such response patterns?

Well, help out! Take the 50-point quiz and let's see, shall we.

Mar 18th: wild adventuring in other places. Another of my artistic and erotic creations elicits the most delightful responses. And it results in some wild action.

If you are good girls and write nicely, I will send you a link to my ad and you can enjoy it yourselves. Meantime, here are some of the reactions from the female readership:

"Hi [kinky master], I do enjoy your story, it makes me wet when I was reading it in the office. When would you be available this week? Maybe we can meet for dinner and grab the chance for great pleasure with each other...if so, where would you prefer to meet?" (Chinese, 30s)

"Hi [kinky master], Thanks for the note. I must say that you amaze as well as amuse me. I don't know how you have the strength for this. You must be running on adrenaline alone. After reading your ad - which I almost replied to myself - I want more of that. Let me ask you, where does a woman like me go for this type of fun, there must be opportunity out there waiting for me..." (Very respectable American MILF, a big boss in her field...a regular sextoy of mine)

"[kinky master] Write a book with your theses would you. Geez I'm tired of telling you this, haha. Did you really write that Mario seeking Emmanuelle post? God it was amazing, insightful, and what every woman is thinking deep down if she could voice it. Write!! You must! I'm going to be on you forever about that. If you want to get kinky with that last statement, I'd be happy to ride you hard that way, haha." (Tall post-college working girl, mid-20s, another regular fucktoy of mine)

"[kinky master] I want to know more. Describe our first encounter.... Me, woman, 30s, petite, small breasts, slim but ready for adventure." (Pretty Asian, 30s, professional, with British boyfriend.)

This encounter was everything I had described in my ad and more besides.

Ah, soon it will be time for London...

Mar 6th: A note from a fun lady...

"Your note does amuse me. I am exhausted just thinking of how worn out you will be throughout this trip and how the scenarios are so well planned and timed - I am having a naughty giggle right now.

[This is her comment on my very precisely planned trip with five meetings along the way, each in a different city. Different women - ranging from a late teens college girl to a late 40s MILF-type.]

It makes me happy to know that you were going to come here first because I would not be willing to give you any respite if you were to stop here on the way back.

[Haha! Of course! No woman ever does. That's why it's not wise even for a master to plan these meetings back to back days because horny bitches like her will be unstoppably demanding. High performance art like mine requires careful timing as well as planning]

A young stud will be a nice treat once I get settled into this job. Most likely I will need to take a trip to make this happen."

[Some late teens/20s guy might get lucky....I'll help her place this ad and check the responses. That's always fun! The last time I did this with a lady exec in NY, only four out of the 250-odd responses were worth reading]


Feb 26th: next update coming soon. I am planning my wild escapade behind the scenes.

For a couple of weeks I live a respectable, respected, professional life... quietly making my plans. You're reading this here, you dirty bitches, so you know what that means! :) A few of you know _exactly_, because these escapades will occur WITH YOU! I know you're laughing with this too! Here's what one of you says:

"Your blog is fantastic by the way, have you thought about having it published? If not, you totally should. Anonymously of course!" [X]

Thank you for the compliment, my dear. I will repay you in fucking you in the intense and artistic way that you love most. I can't wait!

I am getting hornier and more perverse as I wait impatiently to ravish X.

Feb 15th: well, after my recent - and totally incredible - experience with an attractive white Brit girl - it's made me hornier than ever. It's all in my other posting, if you're curious...

Yes, of course, it's me. I'm the master. That one. My art is sublime. That's why it's so popular here. And everywhere else too.

But back on topic. When I get back to the UK, soon enough, I want to realize this luscious fuckfest you read about here.

So, come on, I want to hear perverted suggestions from Brit girls! Don't be shy! I know for a fact that at least one of you can fuck as well as the hottest Colombian, Asian, or Porteno chica and she had a fabulously dirty mind and a ton of sexual confidence. What a date!

I doubt she is the only one. Maybe you're as bold and open-minded and self-aware as her, and can make a spicy suggestion. I want to hear from you!!

It's even better if you're just getting into the groove and this seems dirty and wild to you. Read on. Make a suggestion. If this makes you hot and wet and you're masturbating to my kinky provocations, you owe it to yourself - and me - to write!

Update Jan 3rd:

Very interesting!

Why is it that various fun and open-minded black, Indian, and Asian girls have responded with some great suggestions on how I should fuck my princess, what they want to see me do to her, and what they could do to help us out? But no white-bread Brit girls dare to write.

Well...we should all know the answer. It is evident in the character of many OZ postings, asking the same question from different perspectives.

To me, this situation is not entirely unexpected. The culture of repression among middle class white British girls is very strong. They are among the world's least open, and certainly the least likely to participate in this fun sport. So many of them are grudging and ineffective in bed! As if getting naked was the world's greatest if all the benefits accrue to others! What nonsense...but that's how they think.

No matter, because you, my dark lovelies, are not only sexy as hell but you have some great ideas and on my next visit, we're going to realize a couple of plans.

In fairness it's not only confident and sexy black girls who have something to offer. Even the Russian girl who wrote me had some great suggestions. She's no blushing virgin! So it can't be that white girls can't fuck.

From earlier:

Now, check below for the fun question! You get to decide how this girl gets f%%%%ed. For real.

We have a first response now from "Gina." Quite a fun one too. Check the end. Now here's the original posting.


You know who I am. Yes, I'm for real and so is this note.

This brief presentation offers another masterful insight into the challenges of finding willing fun companions for playtime.

It's based on what another respondent to one of my ads said to me recently. Here's the story. I enticed her to respond by describing one of my classic richly erotic scenarios, you know, the kind involving respectful yet intense domination, and for her, a slow introduction to the delightful art of submission.

She is ambivalent, torn between strong desire and socially-conditioned, media-driven fear of the unknown. Her reaction is not unusual for an intelligent girl who is confronted by these feelings, perhaps for the first time:

Anyway, let's call her A. A says:

"I feel and wonder many things. I’m insanely curious to find out if all of these letters from women and sexual encounters are true – if so there is a greedy, slutty, rotten little part of me that would love nothing more than to let you fuck me to pieces, more than once. Especially if you are the man you describe yourself to be, which I don’t find myself doubting. But, I do find myself wondering if there is a component you don’t mention. Maybe you are a cliché internet murderer haha. I would have absolutely no way to predict that."


She is a very pretty athlete girl, mid-20s, grad school educated. Normal, social, friendly and of course respectable in public. But as usual for such a girl, with boys, she has always been in control, before. By now her groveling nice guy boyfriends have bored the panties off her... sex with them is so humdrum, so banal. She is realizing the eternal truth that a grown woman with healthy drives wants, needs, craves, to f%%%ed senseless and used until she feels like a limp rag. To be mastered, by an expert.

Yes, she wants more, you feel her. Ladies, you understand her well. But she is evidently new to the idea of being mastered. And especially by the prof, the internet pirate, the master of the listings. You - and she - know very well that she's not dealing with a shrinking novice, no, not one of those shallow wannabes experimenting in this field.

She's not a Brit, of course, despite being resident in London.

Only doofuses cannot understand her desires, her concerns, her ambivalence. The fear of the unknown is pervasive on this medium but so too are the fascinations and potentials.

And no, she isn't going to meet a male who offers her doofus sperm, nor will she correspond with those who are so impotent they are unable to entice and satisfy her.

Britain is a sexual desert for most males. But you all know that and the females twist you for it. Even some of you females know this, and it can be a frustration for you too because the hypocritical climate impedes free expression and satisfaction of desire.

It's common knowledge that so many of you girls share A.'s feelings but dare not respond as she does. Fearful of social opprobrium, of meeting a doofus. Fearful of admitting yearning to be mastered and case you give permission to the wrong man! Yet you are always intensely curious about what I propose. Because you know well that no wannabe and certainly no doofus is this persuasive, compelling and masterful.

Since my late 30s I have come to really enjoy introducing girls in their late teens/20s to these arts. But I'm not averse to more mature delights either. My recent 53 year old corporate trainer expressed similar feelings, but after her reaming, now she knows she can't live without this pleasure. Even if she must be taken secretly, occasionally, because of her marriage and corporate standing.

As for A., we haven't met quite yet. I haven't visited her town. But we will meet, soon. I am going to f%% the s^^^ out of her.

Our meeting will be classic.

If you see a nervous, pretty girl in her mid-20s, athlete, dark hair, sitting in fishnets and heels at the bar, with a seriously low-cut top, waiting and checking her watch...then maybe you know who she's waiting for and what's going to happen.

Will she be "f***ed by the "Cliched internet murderer?"

What do you think?

BONUS QUESTION: Ladies, how should I f%%% her?

Suggestions to me, and I will choose the most suitable one after I meet her. Later I will explain to her why I am doing her that way. Ask me to do her in some kinky way that you would like to try and I will make her describe how it feels so I can post her account!

Males, on the whole, you need to be more intelligent and less doofus-like with your responses before I will listen to you. Your classic pompous, jealous rage at my exploits is so idiotic and primitive, in bad ways. And it just makes me and my cuties laugh at your small minds. The stupidest ones get quoted here on OZ, for everyone's entertainment.

Back to my self-identified "greedy, slutty, rotten whore."
My proposal seems outrageous in the cold light of day. You might even laugh. Nervously. It cuts close. But deep inside, you know that in the heat of passion, this kind of thing is totally edgy, so kinky and exciting.

She's a normal young woman with these lusts too. I bet it makes her horny for more when I tell her where the idea came from! Yes, now I'm taking suggestions from an internet message board about how to f%%% a girl I haven't even met...and then, after I actually do it, I'll report back. Probably with her curled naked around me, laughing too. I might even ask her to type a paragraph for you prurient, gutless yet fascinated voyeurs. Like with my other cuties including my schoolgirl mistress. A. can't be identified by you, so why does she care? All part of the fun!

Ah, in comparison to what you are reading here, most of the stuff posted here seems so banal.

Only the true master operates at this level. Think about what I just wrote. Not only have I recruited a willing and attractive young woman with whom to practice my perversions, but I'm going to have a ton of fun with my new sex toy soon... and hey, now, thanks to internet participation, you can be part of the fun too! Send me a note, tell me how to f%%% her, and entertain us all!


Received a fun suggestion yesterday from a lady in her early 30s...let's call her "Gina." Here's the important part:


"i've been following your ad for a while and you're really outrageous! i was laughing at first but tbh you are right. your proposal is hot and it's clear you know what you are doing. i sometimes feel like being a very naughty girl. if i didn't think i'd be seen by people i know i'd even meet you in Lewisham for some of that. nobody that i know knows you but i don't think i am ready to go the whole way yet. i'd like a sample. how about you fuck your girl from behind? give it to her rough and i'll watch while you do her :) if i get really excited i'd like to get off while you make her moan. can you ask her if she thinks it's ok? G."


OK, yes, not bad, not bad at all! A good idea from one of the usually repressed British females.

Quite a few women like the idea of watching a master like me really use another woman. Better than porn, it's live, you hear it and see it. Maybe you can even watch something a little too edgy for you just now... but it's hot to see another woman being pushed over the edge for real. "Gina" is quite attractive too. I will definitely move on her idea.

But her idea is not the be-all and end-all. I know there's more creativity out there. Let's hear it.

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