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At last they meet...

3rd January 2012 - 23:05 | London UK, city

The minutes seemed to drag on forever as he tried to occupy his time, trapped in his hotel room waiting for her to arrive. It had been so long coming, all those emails and the odd phone call. Now, today it was going to happen. He wondered what would happen when he opened the door to the woman he "knew" but didnt know. He tried hard not to think of them together in bed, the excitement of it just made the time go by even slower.
Not far away, she sat in the taxi, wishing it would go faster, wanting to be there. The closer she got the more aroused she became. What they were doing was wrong but so so exciting. Every mile that went by made her wetter and wetter. Then she was there, her hearty racing as she made her way to room 445...
When he opened the door there were no greetings. Without a word, she strode into his arms, kissed him hard and then whispered "Take me to bed and fuck me" into his ear.
By the time he had stripped, she was naked in bed, the sheet pulled up to her shoulders, watching every inch of him, her gaze lingering on the swelling cock between his legs. He sat on the bed next to her, bent and kissed her neck. His lips worked their way round to her mouth as his hand slipped under the sheet. Her mouth opened and he kissed her hard while his fingers moved over the mound of her clean shaved pussy and in between its parted lips. Her legs opened wider as he slid a finger inside her, wetting it with her juices then slowly sliding it up to her already hard clit.
He stroked her slowly as he started down the bed, his mouth kissing a trail to her breasts, her hard nipples and down over her stomach. Her legs opened wider and he kissed between them, licking both sides of her pussy, leaving the slit in the middle till last. She held her breath, waiting for that first touch of his tongue between her lips.
When it happened, she almost climaxed. Waves of pleasure surged through her body as he licked her over and over, from her hard clit down down to her wet streaming opening. With his tongue on her clit, he slid a finger inside her and she came, her whole body jerking, her hips pressed hard against his mouth.
As he moved back up the bed, she sat up and pushed him onto his back.
She then took his cock in her hands. It was long thick and felt like velveteen, from the head glistened a drop of moisture, without hesitation she placed it to the tip of her tongue. She licked harder, letting her tongue explore the shaft and head in circles finding the ridges and spots that made him moan.
She kissed his cock running her mouth down to his balls where she sucked them into her mouth, swirling her tongue around them as he ran his hands through her hair making her head tingle pleasantly and her pussy twinge at the joy she got in giving him the same pleasure he’d given her.
She followed the length of his shaft with her mouth and then swallowed the head of his hard rock cock, he pushed lightly down on her head encouraging her to take as much of his dick into her mouth as she could, "suck me," he murmured moving her head up and down on top of his cock, what she couldn’t reach with her mouth she massaged with her hand, caressing his balls and thighs as she sucked long and hard wanting to draw out as much pleasure as she could from him.
She was tempted to suck his nice hard straining cock till he came but she wanted it inside her more. Straddling him, she reached down, took hold of his cock and forced the head between her lips. Feeling it pressed to her opening, she sat down, forcing it deep inside her pussy. She started to raise and lower, riding his wonderful glistening cock, feeling it fill her each time she sat down on him. His excitement was showing and she rode him hard, willing him to cum inside her. His hips jerked up hard as his cock erupted deep in her pussy, filling her with squirt after squirt of his thick cum.
Breathing hard and covered with sweat, they lay naked side by side. This was just the start....
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