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home help...

12th January 2012 - 11:33 | Birmingham UK, erdinton

Home help...

When I was about 16, my aunty used to do home help for a guy who was about 40 to 50, he was in a wheelchair, she would clean n cook every tuesday afternoon for him, and I used to meet her from school and go with her and wait, have a chat with the guy who lived alone..

I think he gave her tips on the quite, because I noticed she seamed to wear low cut tops and shorter skirts on a Tuesdays, with her 40dds and her plumpish body used to turn me on watching her clean his house, with her bending over we could see high stocking tops, she wore an open bottom girdle, many a time when I used to stay at hers she would say got to get this girdle off it riding up, I used to wait a few mins then follow her and watch her change through the crack in her bedroom door, seen how her plump hairy pussy would bulge out, I had a wank while leaning against the door frame, I just used to let it fly while watching her change, I used to get hard every time she said got to get my girdle off.

Any way after going with my aunty for a few weeks the guy started asking me questions, like have I seen her tits and fanny which turned me on, I noticed out line of his cock, so I told him about her girdle, his cock throbbed, his face changed, he like rocked, I watched his cock moving in his trousers till it was tenting, I was standing next to him, he pulled out his huge uncut cook, precum was running down his shaft,he reached out for my hand, he wanted me to rub his big cock, we could hear my aunt doing things around his house, he whispered to me to pull my pants dawn and have a wank in front of him and tell him about what i have seen, he said he had not cum in over 3 months, his balls were huge, i played with him, then we hear my aunt coming down the stairs, so he covered it with his blanked, by now I had to cum, and was that turn on I wanted to pull my pants down and wank in front of him.

while she in the kitchen I said I will bring a girdle around so you can cum on it, that sent him over the edge and his load flew out all over his blanked.

I was standing by the living room door pulled down my pants and wanked and spunked just as my aunt was getting her coat to go home...

I wanked him off every Tuesday afternoon, I even took stockings and a girdle for him to cum on!

is that a bad thing I did...all them years ago..
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