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Aztec enema for the refined lady. A uniquely ecstatic all-body-mind experience

17th July 2012 - 21:50 | London UK, London and SE

Update: there's lady C. experiencing her treatment. What a delicious session! I can't wait for the next one!

Meantime, I am certain other are interested.

So many postings here seem naive and basic. For example I wanna wank in front of my friend's gf or I flashed my boobs at my neighbor etc. It's all good. But it's not exactly high erotic art.

But this is.

I love coming to a refined lady's house or hotel room and administering a divine enema. Not just any enema. But an Aztec enema. This is a concoction replete with the herbs and knowledge of a civilization. A recipe derived from the centuries-old knowledge of native peoples in Oaxaca and Chiapas and a lot of experience.

The woman I meet should be over 40 years old. She should be intelligent, refined, attractive, successful and married/attached. Our relationship is special...I am her high erotic priest.

I am not ageist but this is a private ceremony for a connoisseuse and I have no time to waste on college-age girls asking what? why? how? during the encounter. It responds best to a level of sexual experience and an openness of mind bestowed by maturity. Compliance to the mission of exploration and fulfilment and the ability to suspend anxiety and accept the invasion.

A submissive-biased lady finds this easiest and most rewarding although I've done this to dominatrices and butch lesbians a couple of times.

She's naked except for her fishnets, suspenders. She's often nervous but ready to open her mind and body to a truly new experience. We will take it slowly and sensually.

I have the equipment. I shiver with delight when she bends over and spreads her smooth creamy arse cheeks wide so that I can begin the magic administration. First I lube her lovely sensitive a-hole and slowly insert the tube to the right depth. Then the magic begins.. when the nozzle is buried in her body, I softly pump the warm nectar inside her rectum, slowly distending her insides. It is almost dark, not quite, I am sitting beside her on the bed monitoring her response and condition. Soft music plays while she feels the slow, warm, filling sensation. She relaxes face down on the bed while the pulsing intensifies and colonizes her.

Sometimes she masturbates while the nectar enters her. Sometimes not. It doesn't matter because soon the nectar is absorbed by her rectum and she's entering a state of pure ecstacy. Uncertain whether she's orgasming or not. Not caring. Every heartbeat a surging rush, coursing through the veins, opening the mind, falling...falling into suspended animation where time, place, people, none of it matters.

Pure magic.

Who knows how long it lasts...hours, days, it seems to her. Fabulous, pulsing delight.

When the cramps come, then it's time to conclude. She ends it by squatting over the toilet and voiding her bowels. Cleaned out, energized, excited and fulfilled. If she can't or doesn't want to reach the toilet, I help her void into the deep bowl I have brought then clean her up.

Ah, the excitement, the shared ecstacy! Rare, indeed! I am not detached. My cock is of course rock hard for every second of this encounter. Sometimes I can't help it, her writhings are so erotic to see and hear that I shoot my thick creamy load beside her while she writhes in ecstacy. But understand that there is no sex at this time. Perhaps on other occasions I will fuck her in the usual ways but the ecstacy of an Aztec enema cannot be disrupted.

After, I leave her to sleep. What a sleep! So refreshing, so deep, so energizing! Can you imagine the rejuvenated condition in which she wakes?

So now you see. This is a rare art. It is a beautifully erotic and sensual event for both of us.

Hotel rooms work well for this because she's on business, or at least, out of her normal orbit, and can relax with me.

Of course, although it is not something they want to discuss, quite a few refined ladies love this pleasure. Why wouldn't they? I have a small but steady and enthusiastic group of women who enjoy this each time I meet one of them. The ladies share their experiences among their secret network and on occasions I have the pleasure of inducting a new acolyte into the Aztec scenario.

Readers here will recall that when I first posted this, a couple of weeks back I was shuddering with ecstacy when I thought of my next novice...she's a late-30s financial consultant, petite but nicely curvy. Conservative, attached, respectable in public. A lovely woman with a strong desire for pushing the boundaries, awaiting our scheduled meeting with nervous excitement and just a touch of apprehension. But soon she will forget her nerves under the master's guidance.

Feb 20th: Ahh! Let's call her C. So now C. too has experienced this ecstacy! What a beautiful early afternoon we spent in her elegant Surrey house. I had to wear tradesman's garb with the clipboard when I parked down the road. She cannot arouse any suspicions.

C. says...

"Wow! The state of bliss you put me in was hard to explain. I had enemas as a kid but nothing compared to that! I told you I felt embarrassed at first but you were right. You relaxed me and I truly enjoyed every minute of our time together. I cannot really remember how it felt except it was ecstatic. It's a shame that hubby's return was at 4pm. Next time can we meet at your hotel? I'd like to spend longer. I know you told me we shouldn't have sex during the enema session but you know I was wet as hell. I SO wanted you to fuck me at the end! I felt so open and ready for you. I think it would be the ultimate satisfaction. My God I need more of that in my life and you delivered it! My pussy was throbbing but there wasn't even time to wank off after you left.

Also I don't mind if you post on OZ. I know you like to describe it there and that's OK. It's quite a turn on as long as nobody knows who I am. Please don't include anything that could identify me.

I hope your business went well and your travels are safe! Looking forward to seeing you March xth. Kisses and hugs. C."


C, your wish is my command, my dear.

As you see this is not just one step beyond. It is not a crude and violent deviance. It is divine bliss. Ten steps beyond.

Ladies, several of you now have written me about this idea. Ask whatever questions you like, but please include your description, circumstances, availability and experience levels. It helps us plan a most FULL-FILLING evening together. Thanks!
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