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Paying for sex

20th March 2012 - 20:00 | London UK, Heathrow

I was a relatively late starter sexually, I was 19 when I first had sex with a woman. I was by then working in London and the woman in question was a prostitute operating out of a walk up in Soho. This kicked off a lifetime habit of paying for sex. Sure I had plenty of girlfriends, but there were times when you just need an honest shag and the girlfiend is not around. The choice is between Mrs Palm and her five lovely daughters or spending a little cash. On the whole I opted for the latter. Over getting on for 40 years I must have parted with a small fortune for sexual gratification. Along the way I've had a few who ripped me off, a few who were downright ugly, but on the whole they have been attractive women who you wouldn't suspect of selling their bodies. In the early days I used walkups in Soho and Shepherd Market. This was a time when you paid £10 for sex with a condom or £15 without. Memories of having a pretty girl wash your todger with coal tar soap and hot water. Creaky stairs and creakier beds. I picked up streetgirls and got fleeced by a couple. Bedford Hill in South London was a popular haunt as was Oxford Road in Reading.

When I got married I thought my whoring days were over. Not so. After a year or so of married life I struggled to stay on the straight and narrow. The sex life was good, but there was always one week a month when it dried up. So I found an ad in a local paper under the Adult Services heading. I was tempted. Eventually I succumbed and spent £50 and an enjoyable hour in the company of a brassy blonde. She was working from a flat on a nearby council estate. That then started things off again. I kept it discreet, usually opting to nip out at lunchtime for a shag. Luckily there were a few working girls operating from places within 5 minutes walk of the office.

When my marriage was going through a rough patch, seeking solace elsewhere probably kept things together. The fact that I was paying for sex rather than having an affair filled the gap but meant that I didn't get overly involved. There were one or two that I did get very attached to. I was probably just another punter to them, but I would have cheerfully walked out on my partner for them if there was the slightest chance that they saw me any differently.

Worst experiences include a threesome with two heavyweights who were both in their 50's. I kidded myself that it was a cheap deal (£40) but the lack of personal hygiene almost induced a techicolor yawn.

Best times? Too many to mention. Always nice when the woman in question actually climaxes at the same time (OK so they do fake it, but some seemed rather more genuine than others). The very rare occasion when no cash changes hands. The slightly more frequent times when the woman in question did a bit more than was paid for.

Will I ever stop ? Don't be silly. I've probably spent the current equivalent of around £40,000 in this way. As I get older my ability to persuade nubile young women to drop their knickers purely for my charms has diminished exponentially. My desire to sample nubile flesh though has increased at the corresponding opposite rate. So, being a dirty old man, I now trawl the likes of Adultwork. If, however, there are women out there who are not averse to letting an older man pay them for sex, drop me a line. Could be mutually beneficial.
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