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This was the result of replyimg to a couple on here, could you be the next lady

31st March 2012 - 19:47 | London UK, St Albans or London

Yes it really did happen on here
Happy to develope one for you too!

Hello to the Sexiest Couple in London!

I have thought about this scenario and added some more tasty bits to it; in effect it’s about greater involvement for all three of us and to give Ca some extra enjoyment!

Before we go any further I must tell you that I am Diabetic which has no real effect on day to day life( as long as I have my insulin) bar my cock!, it does not work as well as it used to hence my concentration on giving oral and the psychological enrichment of sexual activates, especially with couples. I will not conk out on you or lose energy, its just that the vain in my cock needs to be cleaned out to allow for greater blood flow, awaiting a date for this to happen on the NHS!
So here we go
• Psychologically it would be better if you were in control, you could be a business couple visiting London from the West Country, you are in the bar and meet this miserable business man whose meeting has been postponed at the last moment, he has travelled from Harpenden, and had put off other important meetings to attend this one!. You looked at him and thought poor old sod, I wonder why he is so miserable!
• You mention this to Simon who says lets have some fun! Let’s live out our fantasy of the pick up, you give him the eye and he responds positively with a warm smile, Simon invites him to join you and you start chatting, you find that you have some things in common, Rugby, Property and that you are both sexually liberated. The business man does not give any indication that he wants to get involved with you, bar the glint in his eye and his eyes glued to your bulging breast line!
• Simon says to him how nice the rooms are and he responds by saying that He would like to have a look at the room, so we finish our drinks and walk towards the lift, the first two lifts were full of people and Simon decides to allow them to go till an empty one arrives The Business man was thinking why is he doing this, perhaps he has a phobia he thought. Then the next lift arrived it was empty and we all moved in, Simon pressed the 5th floor button and then started to grope you, his hand up you leg, kissing your chest and then giving you a passionate French kiss on the lips.
• The doors of the lift open and you get out by this time the Businessman was aroused and hot and flustered and he thought to himself how mush he would like to see both of you in action, and have some fun with you himself. As you were walking to the room you realised that the man was fondling you bottom and you thought to yourself I think we might have some fun here. You squeezed Simons hand twice( a pre arranged signal to let each other know if you thought the man was interested)
• Once in the room Simon will start to undress you and leave you standing in your underwear and hold ups for you both to look at...the business man asked if he could have a shower, then he asked you to come into the bathroom and help him dry off, Simon agreed for as long as he could take some pictures of this extraordinary event. You quite enjoyed drying this old Rugby player’s body off especially his sagging balls. You thought to yourself that you had never done this to a man other than Simon in all the years you were married, however you realised that Simon as by this time he had stripped off and you could see his large erect cock as a hard mass of muscle and looking very hot to. You were also surprised to see that the business man was not embarrassed, you found him a gentle person, he had already caressed your breasts and between the legs a few times during this first encounter in the bathroom.
• We all then moved into the bedroom where the Business man sat on the edge of the bed, by this time your bra was unclipped in front of him exposing your wonderful breasts and magical nipples for all to look at with your magical nipples standing hard.
• Simon then pushed you forward holding my arms behind you so that I could not resist so that the Business Man could lick your nipples and gently licked them. You then knelt on the bed whilst both Simon and the Business man stood behind you stroking your wet panties. the Business man then lifted your panties to the side and look at virginal channel and licked him lips!...Simon encouraged him to get closer and lick those sensitive parts, meanwhile Simon was continuing to snap away on his camera
• You were surprised how good the Business Man was in giving you oralsex and you felt his heavy breathing his breathing on your pussy which had become very wet, by this time you had had three orgasm’s the business man grabbed your breasts and squeezed them, kissed them passionately and started to give you the finest tongue massage of your nipples you had ever witnessed!
• Meanwhile between Simon continuing to snap you had given him one of your classic blow jobs and because he was so sexually aroused he had deposited in your mouth the largest load ever which you swallowed with great joy.
• The Business man continued to caress your breasts and gentle lick you clit whilst Simon positioned him self to fuck you very hard, by this time the Businessman was giving you a magical French kiss and was continuing to play with your nipples.
• Simon did not take long to come, and you were squirting juice all over the place, he was tired and all three of us lay on the bed for a while to recover some strength, we ordered some tea from room service and it arrived via a very attractive Swedish waitress who was excited about seeing three adults lying on the bed naked and who clearly enjoyed them selves by the smell of sex in the room.
• Once she had placed the tray on the table, she went to Simon and gave him a wet French kiss whilst holding his cock and reviving it, she was also looking at your breasts and made a lurch forward to bite your erect nipples. She said tht she was pleased to have met us and said that in an hour she would be off duty and needed somewhere to have a shower before going out with friends, she did come for the shower but never got to see her friends!
• When she had left you realised that you had not given the Businessman his blow job, so you gentle kissed his nipples where upon he asked you to bite them hard, Simon was delighted with the idea as by now he was back in happy snapping mode,
• You then decided to caress the mans balls and tickled them with your tounge, then decided to give him a BJ, when he left he said that this was the most entertaining afternoon he had ever encountered.

You to meet the man a month later only this time he would pick up the hotel bill as he wanted to be in control and that he wanted to introduce you to a Transsexual lady that he knew so that Simon could take pictures of you being fucked by a woman with an 8 inch cock.
The whole event took 4 hours and you both slept well for a couple of hours before going to see a show.
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