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The fun he had with my wife

6th March 2012 - 21:19 | London UK, London

My wife Katie and i will usually go and have a drink or two on a Saturday night at a bar near us. She's 35, a hot brunette who still makes it to the gym 5 times a week, with a beautiful smile.
No doubt, this is what encouraged the guy the come over and talk to her while I was in the gents. No doubt he also saw the wedding ring, but it didn't stop his charm. Late 20s, fit, good-looking guy, I felt quite excited watching her smile and laugh with him. He made his (polite) excuses when I returned - but for some time, he and Katie kept an eye on each other. We'd talked about it in bed before - so I asked: "You want to bring him home and fuck him?" She blushed and hurriedly replied 'no'... before composing herself and saying yes. It took little effort from there for her to wave him over, and then we're walking around the corner to our flat.
Inside, Katie went off to change, I cracked he and I a beer, and we sat making small talk on our L-shaped couch, dropping a DVD in the player. My heart was beating wildly - and I know Katie's was. When Katie returned, shyly sitting between in with lingerie hidden under her robe, I played some porn - reaching inside Katie's robe to rub her breasts. Jack needed no more invitation, removing his shirt and helping himself to Katie's body.
I encouraged her to kiss him. When she rubbed his cock, I encouraged her to take it out and suck it. A nice, hard cock - and bigger than mine: longer, a bit thicker, and a big head. He reached down to touch her pussy while she did. I rubbed my cock while watching the most exciting thing I've seen.
I wanked my cock while I watched him fuck her in our lounge and on our bed - watching her face as she felt that cock drive deeper into places (pleasurable places) mine had to work hard to find or use toys to find. He fucked her slow and well, and he fucked her fast and well.
I managed to keep from coming until he came - and I felt no guilt or shame watching them until I came in my hands and on the floor. It was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.
I told Katie I would take the spare room and that I wanted them to sleep together. I woke an hour or so later to hear him fucking her again. And when I got up in the morning to make coffee, he was fucking her again. I think I enjoyed listening as much as I enjoyed watching.
That was last night and this morning. I'm rock hard thinking about it as I type.
We'll do it again - I'm sure it'll be easier and easier each time and its exciting to think of finding new guys in new places.
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