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25th September 2012 - 11:49 | London UK, Central

My Mum was always a good Mum, really affectionate and did everything for me, I was always her favourite.

I grew up and left home, but there was always this tension from when I was 13. You see, back then my foreskin was really tight, and the Doctor said that it needed to be worked lose as that was normal, but by masturbation, only I was not doing it back then. I was given some cream, but did not apply it, and my soreness continued.

One time my Mum say me trying to rub myself, and she told me off, I lied that I was using the new salve, and she went to the bathroom and took it down, untouched.

She told me to show her and how she has seen me naked since I was a baby, but not since I had grown hairs down there, she unzipped me, and my penis was not a pretty sight, I was even more ashamed and humiliated, she began to rub the cream into me and I started to get hard as a natural reaction, I was even more ashamed.

She pointed this out to me and I could feel my face flush red, she then told me what the doctor said and she tried to peel me back and rub cream in, it was really difficult and I got fully hard in her hands. This made it even harder to peel back my skin and she had a go at me again, I said I was sorry, but could not help it.

She said that it was natural for a young man, and that was why I should be masturbating and not having my own mum do it for me. She told me to relax a bit and it would godown, I did my best, but the more she tried to peel me back, the harder I got, finally and slowly, she peeled me back and rubbed cream on my head and behind my skin, I could feel this tingling in my stomach and balls, but did not want to say anything as she put the salve in, as she would have a go at me again, as she rubbed some into my the front of my helmet and foreskin, my cock got really hard and exploded in her hand, she had another got at me while I came really hard for the first time like that.

She told me that she was never doing that for me again and that I had to do it from now on and she would be checking the salve, so I did and the problems went and never came back.

Except I always used to think about that incident, it was really formative in my sexual experience. I had a lot of experiences, but none as good as that one.

As time went by, my father turned into an abusive drunk, he stopped sleeping with my Mum and she would often confide in me and I would give her advise as best I could.

She could see how successful I had become with women and was proud for me, we would swap stories.

She said though that in this time of life, she wished she could go back and do things with my raising differently, I asked what that was and thought of how wonderful it would've been if we could've had a consensual sexual relationship. Of course, I did not dare say this.

But she herself mentioned about the salve incident and how bad she felt about how she told me off, but she was really shocked at the time, she wished that she was more understanding like she is now, but was glad she had not put me off women.

I said that I guessed that just showing your little boy something in confidence would not be that bad after all, and that it had caused problems for me later on.

She said that she too was left under an impression, but was shocked at being confronted by me being a man now, but she was not now and was proud for me and glad I would never turn out like my Dad.

I joked that I wished she could make up for the salve incident, and she was silent. Days later, she called me up and asked me if she could come 'round and talk. I said ok, and when she did she asked if I was serious about her making it up to me, I said no and that it was fine, but she said she wanted to. I was shocked and could not believe it - too good to be true, so I made excuses and rejected her. Regretting it deeply.

She called again and asked to meet, so we did and she explained to me that she was basically obsessed with my cock, not with me, she had dreamt of it often and this had made it a really big thing for her, she just wanted to play with it.

I was pretty amazed and could not really believe this was happening to me. I did not know what to say any more, and she just told me to go home and she would call later.

She did and bought my favourite homemade empanadas, after that she asked me if she could bathe me, which she did, and she made me come again in her hands, later we made love, it was amazing.

She is submissive, but nurturing, submissives are not very good at that. She is also completely in love with my cock and worships it, another dream come true.

I'm not looking back, and the funny thing is that now with women I am bargaining from a position of strength.

I don't really care any more either way, I reject women all the time and gladly so, they don't really compare to what I can get whenever I want from her. After all, girlfriends come and go, but a Mummy is a boy's best friend.
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