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Callum Vincent Squibb vs Justin Bieber LOL!!!!

25th June 2012 - 8:37 | London UK, North London

Callum Vincent-Squibb > Your fault, you always wanted justin beiber and pushed me away:'( now I'm gone from your life forever, not moving to canada with you, no cuddling when watching a horror film, no protecting you from everything, I'm gone now :/xxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> Aww no I'd rather have you({})xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > Aww that's nice but you already chose justin beiber so that's who you

Sophie Jones> No I was joking really, I bet justin biebers got really crappy hugs aswell!:(xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > Well I guess you'll find out soon, you chose him so you get his hugs, I'm dead now, there is no callum, you only have justin beiber, I'm sure you'll be fine=D>:/xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> No I'll miss you:o:oxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > Well its too late now, should have thought about that when you kept asking for justin beiber:Oxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> I don't want him tho:(xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > Well clearly you did, you asked for him loads of times!:(xxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> I was joking:(<3xxxxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > You weren't joking, you wanted him and I warned you that your gonna get him if you
keep asking, but you carried on asking so you clearly wanted him! Now you realise who's better you don't want
him anymore but your too late:Oxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> :'(:'( xxxxxxxXxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > How do you think I feel?:O:(xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> ;;) I'm sorry:*xxxxxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > Sorry doesn't bring me back :O you can't have me now!=Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> :'( xxxxxxxxxXxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > Unless your willing to do a swap and never speak of justin beiber

Sophie Jones> Yes!xxxxxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > But then your stuck with me forever!:Oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> Good;;) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > Stuck with my badlooks and bad body a little penis =D:'(=))xxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*

Sophie Jones> You're good looking&youve got a nice body so sh, and I can't comment on the last

Callum Vincent-Squibb > I'd be worried if you can=Dxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> X_X don't worry=dxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > Hahahahah=D I reckon you might see it when we move to canada though=D;)xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> =D Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > Well you picked me so you will have to see it at some point :O unless you want justin
beiber back?:O=Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> Thought we weren't allowed to say his name:O xxxxxxXxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > We ent but this once is allowed, last chance, you can have him back if you

Sophie Jones> No;;) Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > Well that means you've picked that you wanna lose your v to a british person unless
you don't wanna lose it at all:O=Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> Can I go sleep yet?(=|xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> Haha course I do=dxxxxxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > You can go sleep whenever you want, don't have to listen to me:( and haha well guess
who's taking it then?=D unless you wanna change what british person you want it to be?=))xxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> I do incase your lonely;;) but you've confused me now=dxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > Basically a british person is taking your v =D and atm when we move to canada I'm the
only british one that ent family so I'm taking it =D unless you wanna change the british person you take on
holiday, I would if I was you, look at me=dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> Yeah you're good looking!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > So wanna change the british person then?=Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> Sweet dreams!:*xxxxxxxxxxxxxXx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > You too sweetie!:*xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Jones> Hehe;;):*xxxxxxxxxxXxx

Callum Vincent-Squibb > ;;):*xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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