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Carling don't do holidays but if they did...

7th May 2012 - 0:42 | London UK, Spain

This may be a story. It may be true. And there again it maybe halfway between the two.

I was bored. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

So I talked to this 17 year old student on a dating site. We exchanged a few emails which started off slowly and then got more steamy and erotic. Even the fact I was married seemed to pose no hurdle.

Our first date was marvellous, she hugged and kissed me as soon as she got into the car and I took her out for a meal. her eyes bored into mine. Whilst we touched each other, we didn't get too intimate before it was time to return home. So I dropped her off slightly later than planned at the end of her street and headed off.

A few minutes later I got this phone call; her parents had refused to let her into the house because she was back late, so what could she do? To this day I don't know whether she was telling the truth and I didn't care.

I was really fortunate as the hotel had been full and upgraded me to a mini-suite. We barely got through the door before we undressed each other. The kissing and foreplay was great; she was the first black woman I had ever dated, and undressing her to reveal these lovely juicy breasts with a dark creamy caramel skin was like my first glimpse of heaven. If this were a perfect story I could say we shagged all night, but its not perfect. She had an incredibly wiry, thick bush and to be quite honest my cock struggled to penetrate the undergrowth. But we shared showers, soaping each other over, and she worshipped my cock with her lips with an enthusiasm I'd never experienced before. I was incredibly sad that I had to take her to college the next day before heading off to work for the week.

It was a few weeks later that we saw each other again. We went to the movies and she again came back to my hotel. She undressed saying "I have a present for you" before revealing that she'd taken a razor to the undergrowth. All my birthdays came at once in that night, and I was incredibly thankful that someone seemed to be having an incredibly loud party down below.

Unfortunately, shortly after that, her parents had a villa out in Spain and were due to go on holiday there. They were aware my girlfriend had a married boyfriend and heartily disapproved to the extent they would't speak to me.

January came, I was about to start work, when I thought, screw this, looked up Easy Jet flights to Spain, asked my stepmother, who works in the travel business to sort out a hotel and car for me at Malaga airport, and off I went. As she was doing this off the books I got into a 5 star hotel for an amazing rate.

I got to the hotel, unpacked and went into the local town. In the distance I could see my girlfriend heading into a restaurant. Fortunately she was seated at a window table looking outside. I stood some distance from the restaurant and sent her a text:
Enjoying your meal?
Yes, how did you know I was eating
Because I'm watching you! I texted back.
She looked startled when she read this and even more startled when she looked around and saw me waving surreptitiously from a distance.

The rest of the week was spent as a secret agent, trying to ensure that we weren't seen together by her parents, and also her curious sister, who was trying to work out why my girlfriend wanted to go out alone so often. Her parents seemed fairly stuck to the town and their flat, so I think it was actually a huge relief to her that she was able to go away to look around places in a car with me. And of course, the sex life of a secret agent is wonderful, as James Bond will tell you.

Our relationship lasted a few years. Her parents kicked her out of the house and I rented a flat for her and financed her way through the end of college, but sadly she wanted someone who wasn't attached and went her own way.

There's a jokey saying that once you've tried black you won't go back, and I have to say that my cock seems a touch more enthusiastic at the sight of an attractive black/Indian lady than someone who is my pasty white colour. But one thing is even more true, that I only seem to be able to form relationships with girlfriends at least 15 years my junior, because I haven't found that heat and passion of that relationship can't be found in someone the same age as me.

Maybe its you....
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