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How about a civilized glass of wine and an evening of divine asslicking?

10th July 2013 - 0:48 | Brighton UK, Brighton, Hove, Worthing, M23 | Age 43

We can both get plenty of vanilla action elsewhere. So this is about anal art. I don't mean that stupid porn bs with aggressive and crude thrusting into that sensitive orifice.

No, I mean a civilized conversation first, over a glass of wine, maybe a meal...followed by several relaxing and intimate hours with my tongue in your crack and up your bum, driving you wild by degrees.

I want to meet a lady connoisseur of the most intimate and erotic delight imaginable. I offer real anal artistry - not the fumblings of a wannabe college boy, or the impetuous and painful penetration of a braggart who doesn't understand women. No. This is an exquisitely delight when done with my level of skill; it's intense, silky, delicious, fulfilling and utterly orgasmic.

Let's enjoy ourselves to the max. Spread for me on my hotel bed, naked, let me softly lick your spine and then spread your ass cheeks wide open, revealing your most intimate and sensitive opening for me.

Now my tongue, so silky and smooth, sliding between your soft mounds and - ohhh!! - caressing your sensitive opening....tingling, delicious wash of pleasure in your belly as I begin working you... probing, caressing, now forcing my way into your tightest hole! Ahh! Perfect! Moan with delight. Spread wider for me!

Now, my finger, insistent, hard, probing... exquisite bliss as I force it inside you, very slowly and carefully yet irresistably. The intensity of our connection is delightful, you're shivering with pleasure. Your pussy is wet, hot, swollen with lust and your nipples ache. I know what you need. Now, softly, I mount you and slide my large erection where it aches to be.... your ring opening, clenching, then opening again and sending you and I into divine ecstacy...breathe in with my surging invasion, all the way feel my cock, clad in the rubber, but you can feel every vein pulsing with my male desire, my shaft achingly erect and oh so hard for you...ahhh....go sloooowww... this is TOO GOOD!

Relax, my fingers between your legs, stroking your erect, aching clit, my lust burning like yours, your belly tensing, I'm going to make you come, so hard, and my cock is swelling. throbbing, shooting my load deep inside you....heavenly, exquisite sexual release for both of us, a real dominant man shooting a huge load inside your tight ass....ahhhh...mmmmm...mmmmm.

If you already know this delight, then why are you wasting time? If not, but you're curious and horny and you want to know if anal really is what some women say, the ultimate sexual delight, then write me, I'm in town again soon and I'm a master of the anal arts. I fuck even better than I write.

I am waiting to hear from you...waiting for an anally aware acolyte like you to respond! Let's enjoy a fantastic fundamental feast!

Update: I want to show you what I mean, just like I did with this college cutie. There's no identifying info, but she's for real. Very pretty, enthusiastic, intelligent, in her early 20s... an anal novice but still ready for the professor's lesson! I love respectable girls like her who know when to be dirty sluts for the kinky prof!


yes, I went into our meeting expecting fully all of the wilder parts of the night; I did not expect the sensual, slow, sweet, achingly delicious feeling of just touching and kissing for hours. I couldn't stop touching you, I just wanted to explore every inch of your skin with my fingertips, my lips, my tongue.

Feeling you lay there on top of me, I felt protected, safe; you hit it right on the head by saying that the feelings that were excited were more complex and more rewarding than imaginable before. I haven't enjoyed exploring someone's body like that in such a long time, and I'm quite glad that it was you with your experience, your desire to take me and ravish me, the tenderness in your touch after you fucked me like the sweet little slut that you'd always envisioned. I must say that I haven't been able to think of much else all day long!

I'm so excited to hear your idea for a semi-public meeting; I've told you, I'm a little bit of an exhibitionist and the thought of you touching me and exploring and ravishing my body in public is absolutely thrilling.

I still can't believe that you actually fucked me in the ass last night; I loved that you bent down and whispered in my ear all of the dirty things you were going to do to me. And then when you ordered me to tell you what to do! I was undeniably horny and ready for you to stretch my ass open with your cock! It was more exciting than I had imagined it would be and except for a second when you were a little overzealous, it didn't hurt at all (that's not to say that I haven't been sore ALL DAY today!). Once I got used to it, I loved being able to push back against you and hear you moan with pleasure from my movement; feeling your cock throb and then spurt inside of my ass was undeniably hot. Mmmmm the memories that we created will serve for MANY masturbation sessions from here on out!

Ah, she showed such delightful youthful enthusiasm for the absolute anal ecstacy! But this time, it would be nice to meet a more experienced lady.
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