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Seeking Anais

12th August 2013 - 18:16 | Edinburgh UK, Edinburgh, Stirling | Age 43

If you know who she is, and you're intrigued, then it's time to realise your curiosity.
With a dominant, accomplished, attractive mature man.
It's a great experience. Artistic, sensual and gratifying.

You see, I want to meet a curious girl who would like to explore the luscious fantasy of submission with me.
As you know, life is short and it's never too soon to realize our fetishes.
Yield to me. And enjoy every moment of this sublime art.

I am dominant, but only in a mature, sophisticated, considerate way. I want you to submit to me,
yield completely to my use.
This experience is not crude, violent, painful or problematic.
It is really satisfying.
First, it's social, involving engaging conversation and friendly companionship.
I enjoy learning about a good disciple's plans and ambitions, and of course, her experiences and what motivates her to seek this advanced satisfaction.

Later, I enjoy taking the lead, firmly and masterfully directing my acolyte to achieve ultimate satisfaction, for both her and me.

The experience will be refined, sophisticated, mentally stimulating and very easy to enjoy, and later, intense, elemental, utterly delectable.

The combination of consideration, friendly, sociable public personality with my private lust for domination, experience and skill is perfect.
Yielding to an expert is a wonderfully liberating sexual experience. It will make you feel a complete woman, pleased, gratified and very happy.
This is nothing like a quickie with a guy who lacks the skill, stamina, consideration and knowledge to maximize your pleasure.

To achieve this delight, you have to bring something to the table.
All of you.
No fighting yourself about doing this. No second guessing. Just an open mind, and readiness to embrace this adventure.

This kind of submission isn't possible with men who are younger, needier, not sophisticated or experienced enough to know what a woman really craves. And to make her crave it.

And you cannot - cannot - cannot - submit to a doofus! How many doofuses there are here, pretending to be dominant and masterful... in a thin, angry, ever-pleading way.
Those are not the males you need or want.
No, indeed. It is absolutely necessary for your master
to be more worldly, sophisticated, traveled, knowledgeable than you. Those qualities only come with age and experience.

A really masterful man knows how to make you crave his touch, his mastery, his strength and control.
And he should know how to pleasure a woman in ways that she hasn't experienced and perhaps hasn't even thought about yet. He should be able to make you swell and drip with lust
by means of his words alone, make your nipples and clit erect and your tight belly tingle for release...
this is a real master. A master of sexual art. A master to whom you need to yield.

It sounds beautiful, erotic, ultimately sexually satisfying. That's because.....

Now that you've read this, even if you are inexperienced with submission, you might be very curious about how it can work.
You will need to meet a real man to find out - not a fumbling college boy, an ignorant doofus, or a hollow posturing macho caricature. I have the right experience, character and personality to make this a wonderful experience.

My students will tell you - it's fantastic, nothing will make you feel more complete, more satisfied, more a woman, than an evening with me.

Now, I don't want a gf or anything serious. I know you college girls are cool with the NSA situation, more so
than the frat boys of your age. The media is so full of BS stereotyping about needy girls but
we all know it's far from the truth.

Anyway, like you, I want our relationship to be no-hassle, no-demands, but very friendly and fun.
And of course, I want you to want repeats. Nothing's better than a relationship like this where you can count on complete sexual satisfaction with no emotional challenges
or demands or control-freakery
or desire to make this something it isn't.

So what if you're very hot, and boys always fawn over you? If so, I know you have problems ensuring men keep it real,
stay cool and simply enjoy fucking you without always wanting to possess you, control you?

I understand.

I've enjoyed dominating a sorority president before. She wasn't only hot, or hott as the students say, she was a scholarship winner too.
No surprise she couldn't find men her age to whom she could submit. And the others were too intimidated to fuck her the way she craved even though they drooled all over her. Ironic indeed.
She was such a polished, refined young lady in public, and a delightfully submissive whore for me.
A real woman. She was my Anais Nin. Such a delightful experience for us.
Now she's living a respectable life after graduation in another town, pretending she can control her base urges even though her lt bf can't deliver this delight. But I know better.

You need to experience the same delights that she did.

About me. I'm a real professor attractive, athletic, with blue eyes and dark hair.
I present a very respectable front to my own students and the administrators...
but my private fun is much more intriguing.

If you're curious, write me. I will be in town soon and I would like to know more about you.
In your reply, tell me the basics about you, description, stats. Also, if you can explain why this interests you, and
your previous level of experience with submissive encounters, it would be very helpful for both of us.

Write me soon, you know that you want more.
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