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My online sex encounters (part 2)

16th February 2013 - 11:35 | Bristol UK, Bristol

After the first time I met with a woman online, I waited several months before I tried it again. If I am perfectly honest, I felt a bit ashamed of what I did and embarrassed somebody would somehow find out. That did not stop me thinking about it (a lot!) and getting very turned on by the thought. It also did not stop me from trying it again eventually...

By this stage I had been replying to quite a few adverts (this was on the old Gumtree dating section) and had not got any real responses, so I changed I started putting up my own adverts. I decided to put up adverts asking if there were any women who wanted to receive oral - I absolutely love going down on a woman and am often too embarrassed to ask when I meet someone on a night out. I also felt more comfortable with just oral, since the whole online sex thing was still quite new to me. I would not have to worry about any performance issues at least!

I got a few responses over a couple of weeks of putting these ads up, and I got into a good conversation with an Indian woman aged about 30 (a bit older than me). She was very slim and petite - probably only about 5'1" or so - and she was single and very keen to meet up with a guy who wanted to please her. We had long conversation about what she wanted - long, slow oral and, if she got turned on enough, sex afterwards. She also said she would shave her pussy before I visited and described how she would meet me at the door in her robe, and that she would be wearing nothing underneath. We arranged to meet on a Saturday afternoon at her house.

She had not sent me a photo by this point, although we had spoke on the phone, so I was a little apprehensive about whether she would be as attractive as she made out. Upon ringing the door bell - my legs feeling every so slightly like jelly - she answered and I looked down upon an extremely cute, petite and somewhat nervous looking woman. She probably looked a bit older than the 30 she had described but she was very slim and I could make out she had a lovely body under her robe, and I felt my cock beginning to rise. She invited me in and we snuck past the kitchen, where he flatmates were sat talking, and into her room. We did not kiss or touch each other immediately but instead chatted, perched on the edge of the bed. We both described how nervous we were, and as we chatted I started to run my hands over her back, and legs and slowly started to remove her robe.

I had her lying on her back, her whole petite and beautiful body exposed to me, with a sexy shaved pussy on show. I started kissing her neck slowly, my hands gently rubbing over the rest of her body. I wanted to make this last as long as possible, and be as pleasurable as possible for her. I kissed and caressed and nubile breasts as my hand lowered down and gently started to caress her now clearly wet pussy. I adore a shaved pussy, the slippery warmness of it, and after lightly stroking her clit, she started to moan under her breath, clearly trying to hold it in as much as possible so as not to disturb her house mates. After around 20-30 minutes of playing and teasing with her, licking the insides of her legs, never quite connecting my tongue with her pussy, she moved her hands to the back of my head and forcibly guided my mouth onto her (literally) dripping pussy.

I pleasured her for perhaps an hour and a half in total, with a highlight being when she crawled up the bed, swung her leg over my face and lowered herself down on me. I remember looking up and seeing her incredible body gyrating ever so slightly, with her eyes closed, biting her bottom lip so she did not cry out, as I eagerly licked her out. Before long she lay exhausted on the bed, utterly spent, with the whole room smelling of sex and sweat. She slowly kissed my mouth, which was covered in her scent, and told me "see you next time". I got dressed and left, with a huge smile on my face. I saw her once more and the encounter happened in a very similar way, but this time at the end, she got onto all fours and asked me to fuck her. I eagerly obliged, got the condom out I brought and fucked her doggy style - which was great, but I will always remember the meeting for the long and awesome pussy licking I gave this girl :-)

Do feel free to get in touch with any comments. I love to chat about this kind of thing!
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