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16th November 2012 - 12:52 | London UK, London

My confession is: I'm addicted to giving women oral.

Well this may come as no surprise as you may be thinking I am male right? Eehh! Nope! I am 100% female and genuine.

I would not classify my sexual orientation as straight or bi because I am not sexually attracted to men, althought I've been told I look straight lol. Not that I know what it looks like, but ok lol. I don't think I am don't think I am a lesbian as I'm solely interested in pleasing women sexually, nothing more. Do you get it? No? Ok, bottom line I enjoy pleasuring women *dribbles* curvy or slim,tall or short :)

A few months ago I was bored and thought I'd reply to an ad on here believing its not real. I was surprise when the girl replied (lets call her Jen). I was checking my emails when I realised Jen had replied with a pic. She looked beautiful and a part of me thought she can't be real. I was really scared as I had never met anyone from the net before. She asked for my number and I gave it to her. She phoned me and she sounded sexy. The conversation quickly moved to what she was wearing. She seemed shy because she had a naughty giggle that drove me crazy. So I jokingly suggest she should come to mine for an adult sleep over and she asked me for my postcode. She made her way over to mine.
Half an hour later I heard someone get out of their car and engage their alarm. There was a pause, then I heard heels clicking and getting closer with each step. Jen phoned and asked what door number she should knock on. I could not believe she was actually here, a few seconds away from me. She knocked at my door, I opened the door and there she was, in the flesh. She looked even sexier in person than she did in her pics. She had her hair down, wearing red platform heels ( I thought she had big feet for her height, but she was cute with it) and a black drench coat. She walked in as I shut the door behind her, pushed her to the wall and started kissing her. Her pefume was beautiful, her skin felt amazing as my hands were exploring her body with her coat on. Her body felt good under her coat, I was even more turned on as I couldn't feel any clothing under her coat. "I' m sure she's naked" I thought to myself as we stopped kissing.

We walked into the living room and I asked her if she wanted me to hang up her coat and Jen replied"I have nothing on, so its a tricky question". I was even more turned on and all I wanted to do was take her coat off and just have my wicked way with her. Jen asked me to get her a glass of red wine. When I returned with her drink she was gone, she was not in the living room. So I checked the bathroom, she was not there. I thought I'd call her, I walked into my bedroom to get my phone, but instead I found Jen laying naked on my bed. The site brought smile to face. She was curvy, I'd day size 12, had nice breasts, botton nipples, she had a tattoo of a butterfly on her lower which drew my attention to her ass. Damn Jen had a phat ass! I took for my dressimg down and joined her. Afterall, she was in my bed lol so my rules right!? :)

I got on the bed and she pull my grabs my t-shirt and pulls me towards her. I start kissing her, teasing her with my tongue, caressing her body, kissing her neck while my hands explore her soft beautiful body; her breathing became heavy. I could feel she was turned on from the way she moans when I started playing with her breasts, sucking and softly biting her nipple which drove her crazy. Her body was so beautiful I could not stop kissing each part of it as I work my way to her lower belly *dribbles*
I slowly slid my hand between her legs to see how wet she was. Jen very wet..........

Jen was vocal and it turned me on even more knowing I was making her feel so good. I enjoyed pleasuring in many positions, she was a pleasure. After our session, she kissed me and thanked me. She then put on her coat, walked to the door and said "same time next week?" as she winked and then smiled, looking very satisfied with herself.
Before I could reply, she was gone. I met up with her a few times after that and enjoyed pleasing her.

So if there are any open minded females out there straight, bisexual, lesbian or whatever want to be pleasured by another female who expects nothing but discretion then send me a message. I don't expect anything in return. I simply just want to make you feel good, make your body feel very much appreciated while experiencing unrestrained excitment making you lose control of yourself. It is essential that you are clean, shaved/trimmed/waxed and smooth.
I'm im my early/mid twenties, size 8/10, model looks, 5ft7, easy going, fun to be around. If only this was not the net, doing this may have been a lot easier. So take a chance, you never know. You may enjoy it, whichever way, you have nothing to lose. But please no time wasters!
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