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Could this be your fantasy....dare to act it out?

26th January 2013 - 8:28 | London UK, anywhere | Age 39

You said afterwards that you'd been really captured by the advert, that it had stirred something inside and that against your better judgement you'd decided to contact see if it really was possible to play out such a fantasy. But that was a lot of talk after the event....up until that point, not much had been said at all.

When you first contacted me, we'd simply established a time, a date, a location (an average hotel) and a safe word, which in this case was 'Shadow'.

And so the time came around. You'd decided to dress up a little, though not too much. You'd sat in the car outside the hotel a full five minutes before plucking up enough courage to head for the room. As you passed through reception, several eyes caught you swiftly passing through and the judgemental looks that followed was mingled with your pounding, breathless heartbeat was now causing your head to swim and a stirring deep down in you. Later, you'd describe yourself getting a kick out of the people in the lobby looking at you and maybe wondering if you were a prostitute...somebody who uses men for money...

I was patiently awaiting your arrival in the room. Then all time stood still as the knock broke through the thoughts racing through my brain. A second. Focus. I wak to the door and swing it open and look directly at you, long coat covering the tight dress you'd squeezed into. I say nothing, just standing there. You move to enter, but I say 'stop' and hold out my hand. This is how we arranged it to be. This is what we both dared to want, dared to try. 'Stop'...the word breaks over you, pulling down your feel yourself take a step into vulnerability....and the deep sexual stirrings that are now growing like warmth through your body. You close your eyes in submission.

I lower my hand. 'Enter....and say nothing'.
You step inside the typical hotel room. Daylight streams in through the windows and you observe on the bed some objects, roughly hidden under a towel...and then you notice that in my other hand is a silk take a sharp breath inwards, but the breath becomes a dark energy within you. A mature excitement washes over you. I lean into you and whisper into your ear 'Take off your coat'...and you simply and quickly comply. As it falls to the ground I step quietly behind you - you try to follow me around with your eyes and head, but I lift my hands to your head and gently but firmly point it forwards. I lean in again, this time from behind, my lips just touching your ear. 'Unzip and remove your dress' pause for a second, then try to speak. The words come out in choke 'I'll need help....'. I immediately interrupt 'I said silence'....your arms fly up to the back of your neck where your fingers fumble for the zip. I let you struggle for a moment, then reach out and find the zip for you, allowing you then to complete the removal. As the dress falls to the floor, it reveals underwear that looks like it's been bough for the occasion. The thought goes through my mid of how simply gorgeous your natural body looks in this delicate situation - a warmth floods through me, but I supres it and resist the urge to help you ste out of the dress on the floor...and instead let you struggle. As you pick it up from the floor I take it from you and place it on the near by coat hooks, all in one swift move.

Your mind now races with the question of whether you've done the right thing by agreeing to this liaison. You head falls, with your eyes looking at the floor and you bite your lip in doubt. I take this further sign of vulnerability and realise we need to move own thoughts now coming to the point of no return...'Shit', I think, 'Well here we go...'. I lean in again to your ear. You title your head back in a reflex response, jumping. I take the opportunity to draw breath through my nostrils taking in the wonderful smell of your skin. With only the subtle smell of perfumes, the smell of your skin absolutely sets my senses on fire and down below inside of my trousers, inside of my pants, my penis sparks to life. I take another moment to breath you in and then speak.
'Lift your head' obey. I lift the silk scarf from behind you over your head and place it on your eyes. With the first tightening you gasp, with a shiver echoing down your body. With the second tightening and the final tying of the knot you exhale, and with it mentally break. All reticence leaves your body and is replace with full submission. For the fist time you understand. You are here. You will give over your body in submission, because of the deep deep longing and desire, the brilliant, light and dull pleasure that is to be gained from such a mental and physical posture. This is it. You are now ready.

You feel me brush past you as I return to stand infront of you. I take one of your hands and gently manoeuvre you forwards. You imagine that we're somewhere near the bed, but can't say for sure....

I say one word....'Kneel...'
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