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I wish I knew what you were really like

27th January 2013 - 11:41 | London UK, London

Hello I kinda hope you do and I hope you don't read this advert, if you do I have left clues in there that will confirm that it's you.

I can't get you outa my head, I am going to an anniversy dinner in march a 10th one, that means it will have been 10 years since I have seen you, yet I still think about you all the time. You have fucked my mind Lisa, you fucked my body but you fucked my friends too. The bizarre thing is I now find this all very horny everytime I meet up with C we chat about you and yes I know you didn't actually have vaginal sex with him, but you just couldn't help sucking him off could you. Mind you, you were fucking great at oral, trouble was you knew it and could not help but practice on most guys you met, which oddly turns me on even more. You had a nick name only with us Olive Oil I think many guys from the Rgt would like to see you again including me. But I think it may be for the best that I don't see you again, I try to find photos of you on the net but fail every time, mainly in the hope that seeing what you look like will put me off you (shallow but arn't we all)

I remember you telling me of the Holiday with your sister were she came out of the toilets to find you with a guys head up your skirt and she was shocked, I now realise that that was the other way round and she came out to find you on your knees. I think this may of been a fantasy of yours too. I think of some of the things we chatted about and I now think they were missed oppertunities on my part, I would have liked to have tried MMF with you and FFMs too.

You were right though if we had stayed together things would have got kinkier and kinkier. Lisa anne C I used to lick my cum from you but be honest with me did I lick other guys cum from you too? I kinda hope not but as I was typing the thought occured to me. I used to love when you called me a dirty fucker as I held you down and fucked you hard, I still use it in my mind when I masterbate it works every time. Cheetham as you always did eh!

One of the last times we slept together you had a Magnum bottle of champagne there on the side I noticed it had a grease on the top, I accused you of fucking yourself with it and you went all funny about it, which was not like you so I shut up. Later I realised it had grease on it because it had been up you arse, you never need it for your vagina, I fantasise a lot about that after and I think it was someone else pushing that bottle up you.

I have to be honest I am not sure if I loved you or Lusted you as that is a very strong emotion too, but I thought a lot of you, I don't judge you, although I judge myself, I miss you and would like to see you again. Maybe next time you will be more honest with me and tell me what you really want, I'd love to take you with C at the same time I know that's what you want to a MMF.
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