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Your better judgement said not to respond to the ad...

27th March 2013 - 16:12 | London UK, Anywhere

Following the reading of the ad, something stirred in you - a small seed of an idea, which you just couldn't shake off. Throughout your daily routine you just kept thinking about what it would be like to safely submit yourself to another man, to put your whole femininity in his trust the journey he wanted to take you on...the sexual journey, in exchange for pleasure and freedom that you'd never experienced before.

After some initial exchanges, the establishment of a safe word, the added security of confiding in a close friend where you were going and what you were about to do, for safety, you made an effort to dress in an attractive way before making your way to the pre-arranged hotel.

You find the correct room, pause and then knock.
At first there is silence, your head spinning, wondering whether if this is just a bit too crazy for somebody like you - and whilst caught up in the tension, the door pulls open....and there I stand.

We take just a second to look at each other in the flesh for a moment. We're different than what we imagined...but here we were...

I raise my finger to my lips...'not a word' swallow hard...I then beckon you in.

As you come in through the door, you shut the door behind you as I stand there and watch...then you turn towards me and bite your lip. Then it starts...the feeling deep down inside you...this is it...what you were waiting for.

I silently lean into you as you stand motionless. My proximity almost feels electric as I get close and whisper in your ear, 'Say nothing...just do as I say...ok?' You nod as your hair brushes up against the side of my face.

I step back.
'Give me your coat', you hand it to me as I take it to a chair in the's then that you notice some of the items and objects laid out near the bed...your attention broken as I return with a silk scarf in my hands.

I stand infront of you once again, holding your gaze.
'Kneel down'...I say quietly but firmly.
You comply and look up at me now...eyes wide. I swiftly take the scarf in my hands and wrap it around your head, obscuring your eyes. As my hands pass behind your head, the tension increases on the scarf, pulling your head back, causing an involuntary gasp...

You swallow hard again, your mind is really racing on earth did you find yourself here...what if I'm not who I say I am and you're in real danger...but this feeling is also turning you can feel blood pumping around your body and your senses are heightened...there you are helpless, on your knees and blindfolded...and yet, you are more alive than you've felt in a long time.

You hear the sound of a belt being unbuckled....

Every nerve in your body tenses, your thinking running back and forth between fear and the growing heightened sense of pleasure your senses seem to be gleaning from this situation...surely this was too much though....where were the roses, the drinks, the didn't know this man from Adam...and yet you make the decision there and then to throw yourself onto this situation...this was now. This was new. And you were going to savour it.

You hear the command 'Lift your head' comply, your eyes seeing the gentle glow of a hotel room light dimmed in the ceiling. Then the light is obscured by a shadow.

You feel something fleshy and flaccid against your cheek. You turn your head slightly to accomodate the shrivelled limb, but the voice comes again 'Keep your head still' you do...the shrivelled member slowly gaining strength and form as it moves across your face, around to your ear. You can feel a fore skin slowly peeling back to reveal a swollen head. There's a certain smell that accompanies the experience...your stomach is churning with pleasure now. You want to react, to take the member in your mouth, but you know you must comply.

'Keep your lips closed', comes the voice the member follows around to the front of your face, the swollen tip now pressing against your lips. You feel a strong hand against the back of your head, guiding your neck left and gently right as the swollen dick presses against your tightened lips...

'Open your mouth now...'

You hesitate...but open your mouth in obedience, only to feel the warm tip of my penis being moved around your quiver with pleasure...the smell of erection filling your nostrils....I tease you some more...just moving the hot head around the inside of your lips. You move your tongue out to reach it...but I tell you to put it back and then without feel a hand reach around to the back of your head and pull your head forwards...full on...thick penis driving through your open mouth, tip reaching down your throat...your gag reflex kicking in in an instant....'It's ok...its ok..', I I pull the shaft back out of your lips...leaving you gasping...then again, without warning...the action is repeated...

to be continued...if you tell me that you like it!!
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