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My secret gloryhole experience

17th April 2013 - 14:37 | London UK, Uk

Whilst travelling to a friends wedding one weekend i stopped at a services to use the toilet and bget a drink etc for the rest of the journey

I went into the shop and ask where the toilets are...the guy behind the counter said it was out of use and they are using the old ones round the back he said they are pretty grim but i was desperate he gave me a key to open the loo door he was right it was grim and smelled discusting it was like something from a horror film but i had no choice

So i proceeded to do my buisness i was looking round the cubicle walls allsorts of graffiti and holes the usual things like so and so is a slaf and phone for sex etc i noticed there was a decent sized hole in each side and above it a number and the words "text for gloryhole" now being a very open girl i knew all about what a gloryhole was and me being me the thought had crossed my mind but i didnt go through with it

All weekend at the wedding i kept having thoughts aboutbthis gloryhole so when i set off home in the eary hours i stopped at the same services went through the same routine got the key to the loo sat down on the tiolet and text the number the reply was insant and only said "be there in 5mins" my heart was pumping like mad then i heard the door open and someone go in the cubicle next to me before i could say hello this big hard cock was poking through the holei was pleasantly suprised i grabbed his shaft and slowly wanked it thinking omg who is this guy whats he look like how old is he married but i didnt care i started sucking his cock it was tasty and so solid i started of slowly getting quicker with every moan he made by this time my fingers where rubbing my soaking pussy and he was ready for cumming i pulled his cock out my mouth to see him explode i kept wanking it faster and then...his helmet unleased a big amount of thick spunk his moans became loader with each stroke of his cock i did cum was all over my face then his cock disappeared and he left i was shocked but turned on with what just happened

I cleaned myself up and went to hand the key back to the guy he asked if everything was ok as id been a long time i just replied with a yes

When i started to walk off the guy then shouted "maybe next time i can get to fuck that pert little arse of yours"

I was shocked it was him all along but i loved it

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