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4th June 2013 - 11:03 | London UK, South London

Former journalist, PR consultant, world traveller and copywriter and now unemployed.
You get to 58 and people think you're 'pipe & slippers' and frightened of new technology, waiting to retire and so flush with money that you don't need to work. What is this if not far, far from the truth?

I live in London and drive. I know how to use the underground and trains and I have spent more than 40 years travelling in and around Europe on media related matters. I have worked for some of the world's largest companies in areas such as logistics, IT technology, property, wines and spirits and a dozen more industries. In essence my skills are in writing; my experience covers the media and media relations but there's more to my work experience than that.

So what has gone wrong with the job market that I suddenly find myself unable to get a job of any kind? The truth is at 58 people think just of age - can he really hack it in a group of 20-30 year olds? Won't he be too experienced for a business where the manager might be only 30 and worried about a man with such experience? Will he understand new technology and social media?

The answers to those questions only come with seeing me, talking to me and believing that it's almost a crime to allow all this experience to go to waste! I've spent years working with journalists, talking to clients for public relations firms, lecturing in media and communications and creating strategies for communications both in the UK and mainland Europe. I have devised, created and reviewed business pitches as a new business consultant and yet I'm unemployed.

Maybe it's because I'm looking for a huge salary? Not at all - it's simply that you can't past the age barrier and with so many young people unemployed I can partly understand that. In truth I'm looking for any sort of position, maybe full-time, consultancy on a contract or project basis, working from your location or mine, a part-time role, a role as a consultant and teacher to younger staff, new staff or people who want to use my knowledge and experience and pay me a fair wage for doing it. When you're on JSA and struggling for money you don't turn down anything, but it's about fairness and appreciation of skills.

I'm interested in anything these days as the job market contracts. Ask me what I would do and I suppose I would says anything, but since I've been doing that for six months since being made redundant, maybe I can offer some ideas? Since I write and edit then it makes sense to use those skills. I have always wanted to become involved in the casting business for film and television; maybe as a courier on two feet or four wheels? I suppose I can turn my hands to most things. Talk to me about anything and then ask me "what would you bring to my business?"

Maybe I will say things such as "experience, patience, knowledge, gravitas, enthusiasm, vision and a willingness to invest time and thought into making a position grow and work for everyone." Sounds a whole lot better than just asking for a job for money. The bottom line is that if you appreciate what people of my age have and can bring to your business then take the time to talk to us. It might benefit your business.

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