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Wholesale honey and bee products

11th July 2013 - 16:30 | London UK, London | Price £6,200


I am the owner of a honey business based in London. We sell raw and organic honey and bee products. It is a family run business. The honey is produced in Latvia where my wife’s family are from, and they have been working as commercial beekeepers for over 30 years.
We started almost 2 years ago, and have been selling our products at London food markets and online.

If you didn’t know already the population of honeybees is decreasing at an alarming rate, which has prompted governments all around the world to take action. This phenomenon has been called CCD - Colony collapse disorder, and has been found mainly in the USA, United Kingdom, and some parts of Europe.
This phenomenon hasn’t been reported on this scale in Latvia, and there is good reason for that. Independent studies have shown a number of pesticides to be the cause of death. In Latvia, beekeepers don’t use pesticides on their crops mainly because there are a lot of natural blossoms for the bees to pollinate, and in their culture they believe honey should be produced the natural way without harmful chemicals and methods such as pasteurisation.

Our honeybees are able to forage in their natural habitat where there an array of wild forests and meadows. The problem in other countries, farmers are destroying the honeybees natural habitat and are growing more and more agriculture lands where crops are artificially grown. When the bees pollinate on these crops they are bringing back toxic chemicals back to hives, and this is what scientists believe is contributing to CCD.

It is really hard to find good quality honey nowadays. Many people don’t realise that the honey they are eating is contaminated or pasteurised; whereby the honey is heated killing all the honey’s natural nutrients.

The following wholesale package is for sell. This package would be ideal for someone who wants a large supply of honey and bee products for personal use, a trader, or perhaps someone who is looking to start-up their own honey business.

30 x frames of honey comb
50kg - Bee pollen
50kg – Bee bread
1.5kg - Propolis

60kg – Forest honey
30kg – Meadow honey
30kg – Lime honey
30kg – Heather honey
30kg – Buckwheat honey

If you’re interested in any of the above products or have any further questions, please get in contact.
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