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My first time.....which I think led me to how I am today.

2nd July 2014 - 19:06 | London UK, A car park

I was with my best mate looking in old lorries that used to park at the back of my nans
I knew we shouldnt be there, but we always were.
There was loads of porn in them and we were looking through the boxes, ripping them open and generally being little bastards.
All of a sudden the swing door opened and there was a scary older guy looking at us, he called over his buddy and they got in the lorry.
Call the old bill he said, these two have been doing this for fucking weeks.
My mate started to cry and they asked where he lived
Just round the corner he said..
Take him home the fat one said, and he left with my mate.
Please mr I said, I won't do in again
No your right, you won't.
10 minutes or so went past and the older guy came back.
Done...done they said.
Please I'm sorry I said.
You been opening the porn
No I said.
The fat one came over and said... Your going to go to prison
I was to young and stupid to know I wouldn't.
Please I said again and tried to run out.
Grab him and tie him up
Till the old bill get here the old one laughed.
Then the fat one punched me really hard in the head
I was terrified, I remember being terrified all these years later.
The old one started grabbing me through my trousers.
He grabbed my hair and pushed my cheeks together, then he pushed a dirty finger into my mouth.
What do you think he said to his mate.
Yere ! Said the mate.

My hands got taped and my trousers were yanked down
I was pushed over a box
I felt a finger going into my bum and I yelled out
The fat ones cock was going into my mouth.
You bite me you fucking die

The old one couldn't get up me but he was trying and it was agony
It must of been 2 minutes but felt like hours and the fat one unloaded into my mouth making me gag.
My turn the old one said and the fat one went behind me and pushed his finger right up me.
Cunt he said
You tell anyone and we will kill you.
The old one then came all over my face.

They then let me go
I never told a soul

I'm 100% sub now and while married I look for old guys to use and abuse me.
I love it.
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