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Finally fulfilled my whore fantasy.... True last night

17th February 2015 - 20:34 | London UK, An old man's bedroom

Im a white 30 something woman
Had a fantasy of being an old man's whore for about 10 years
Put so many ads on and bottled out
Last night I had a reply to my adult work finder ad and or never.
It was now.
Name changed il call him Scott.
He was about 65
A big guy into bondage and role play.
I turned up at his house and
He led me into his bedroom where he had his chains and restraints laid out.
His hands were all over my body,up my shirt and down my skirt.
Call me sir he said and kiss me.
His arms were pinning mine as his tongue explored my mouth.
He pushed me onto the bed.
He put a mask over my face, I'm taking pictures he said so you won't be recognised.
He pulled my skirt up and put his nose on my cunt
I'm going to smell you,I'm going to taste you before I start.
He did
20 minutes of his old tongue up my cunt and my arse
He took a restraint and put my foot into it, then did the other one.
then my hands were cuffed.
He laid his old body on me and started to rub himself all over me.
Open your mouth
I did.
He spat in it and then put hand his hand over my mouth.
Swallow it he demanded.
I did, I was scared but so turned on.
His fingers started going inside me. Fuck your wet whore
I was so wet,it was embarrassing.
You like it don't you.
Yes I said.
His hand went round my neck
Yes what bitch.
SIR yes sir sorry sir.
Fuck I wanted this old man inside me
To abuse me and own me.
With my hands attached to my ankles,as my arms were pushed up my legs were raised and parted.
He was taking so many pictures of my most private parts.
I felt his finger pushing up my bottom
I couldn't stop him...but I didn't want to anyway.
He took a butt plug and stuck inside my bum.
He rubbed his cock over my cunt and started to push it into me.
All this for a £100
You really are a whore
Yes sir
He pushed his cock right into me and then put some pumps on my nipples....he twisted something and my nipples were sucked right into the pumps
It fucking hurt but felt amazing
His cock was pumping me and he started to spit on me and swear on me.
I was going to cum, and I couldn't stop myself.
I convulsed and gripped his cock with my pussy and came and came.
You bitch he said and laughed.
I felt his cum explode inside me.
I wanted that all over your face he said.

He untied me paid me and told me to fuck off bit not before booking me again... This time for less as I didn't let him shoot his jizz over my face.
Next time I will.

I never really wanted this fantasy to become reality but now it has I'm worried but so exited as to the next time.

Genuine story
Last night
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