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Thread: Thanks for this UK Craigslist alternative site

  1. Default Thanks for this UK Craigslist alternative site

    I have been looking for an alternative to craigslist and sites like gumtree for a while. When gumtree closed its Personals site I moved over to the uk craigslist personals but all the flagging of ads really annoyed me and I really wanted to find a better alternative site to gumtree and craiglist. My friend recently told me about the Ozadz site and I'm so glad she did. I put this site on my facebook and said its an excellent alternatives to craigslist and gumtree sites for personals and dating. I managed to get 24 replies to my ad and I have a date sorted for this weekend. Very pleased.

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    Hi Lisa. Welcome to OzAdz. I'm glad you like the website. It's always nice to read messages like yours.

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    gumtree, and viva street become money sucking for ads and very strict rules.. i know we all got to make a living and block spammers and frauders.. but hey give people a break..

    criag list is just a mess and very strick rules again..

    i hope that when ozadz grows still be kind to people

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    Hi Develish-Angel,

    This is not a corporate business that just values money. I value people over capital. I was also a user of the mentioned websites and I feel the same as you that's why I opened OzAdz. I hope you tell your friends about this website too. If there is anything you don't like about OzAdz, please let me know. I'm always open to constructive criticism.

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    I certainly wil post Ozadz on my facebook Profiles and pages.
    I have very few important issues that i'd like to let you know of, however, i shall be doing that by email

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    wow what can i say. i have been going crazy from cl ghosting my ads with no customer service what so ever. i come here post and 1 second later my post is up and running. so very very impressed. even if i get no replies at least i know its there and not flagged off by some fake concern from someone. really cant express how happy i am with your site.
    thanks again. awesome

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    Hi Barber,

    Welcome to OzAdz. I'm glad you like the site. Please spread the word and let your friends know about OzAdz.

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