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Posh girls with hairbands are my favourite toys

4th January 2016 - 10:31 | Birmingham UK, Edgbaston

Do you know why I enjoy debauching your posh daughters and making them become my sluts? Aside from the fact that sex with them is great fun, I mean.

We all know that British families are generally so prudish and repressed and yet there is such amazing delight to be found in the age-old sport of fucking your late teen/early twenties daughters and turning them into total whores.

Here's a muslim Indian girl, early 20s, good looking, a cultured and intelligent young lady... perhaps your daughter, yes.

"I love being a part of your little community of's such a delicious dirty little secret to have. And would love to meet up with any one of them someday myself!

You are right, I will feel better upon submitting to you once be honest my sex drive has gone quite dull lately and I do need to be reminded of what it's like to spread myself, open up and let everything be unleashed... and I feel confident in your patience and your expertise. When I get anxious, I remind myself that you managed to get three fingers in me, and I swear before you see the end of me I'll have you fisting me, no matter how long it takes, that's my eventual goal. It is somewhat difficult living with my strict parents, but I will surely manage to escape for a few hours so we can have our fun!"

Are you those "strict parents"? Give it up, you can't stop this young woman enjoying her fun with the kinky master. Or with his other dirty slutty fun girls. She wants to spend a night with three of us.

Now how about this cute 18 year old tall, curvy black girl... so frustrated to be a vigin and very satisfied now the master has taken care of her... I'm the same age as her Mum. I did *quite* naughty things to her and she loved it....

"Master, I didn't think you were weirded out by my virginity, just surprised. And don't think you were too rough, because you definitely were not :) I'm excited to spend more time together tomorrow, and getting instructed by my new master ;)

And my favorite ravishing by the master. It was on the first day. Your hands were on my ass pulling me tight against you while you whispered in my ear about how good of a slut I was. And you told me all about your plans to later fuck me in the ass and turn me into your ass whore. Nicole"

Yes, quite advanced for an 18 year old, but so satisfying for the connoisseur.

The hottest girls of all are the posh ones with the hairbands from the private schools who pretend to be such proper young ladies and are dying to be mastered and fucked and made to cum by a mature international master. I like it best when they wear their school uniforms and even if they hate their schools, they don't mind doing this for me because it turns them on too to use the uniform to act like a whore. In this scenario the uniform becomes a tool of expression for the girls, instead of an instrument of repression as you believe it should be.

One thing we must ensure is well understood is that everyone I discuss here is 16 or over. Typical British prudes pretend a master like me is advocating illegal activity and do you know, even the plods sometimes write me anonymous emails in their always-ongoing wanky Operation Search and Troll etc. trying to find the bad guys.

These messages are so dumb they are comical, for example: "Hey mate, I like your style. How do you get them 14 year olds to answer you, do you use F%%kbook or Instaw@@k?" etc. Well, first, I don't get "14 year olds to respond", you stupid f%^$s! Second, I don't use f&^Book or Instaw@@k. But I can share what the 16+ year olds write me, and that is fun because they can't believe it's happening, it's all legal, and they know I have their number. It drives them wild too because they want to do these things as well and they know they can't. They wouldn't even have the balls to do it the legit way like me, either.

They are so far off base. They ought to look inside ACPO and not at genuine masters like me. I am not interested in illegal stuff or kids. They need protecting. But your 17 year old daughters are over the age of consent, they don't need protecting, no, on the contrary, they need my ravishing. It is the best of all if they are ACPO daughters, damn, now that's hot, or HOTT as they say now! Ohhh yeah!

The readers here are mostly too primitive to understand and appreciate the fine art we are discussing.

Posh girls with hairbands...yummy....mmmm.....
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